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Design & Order Invitations Online. Personalized for Every Occasion. Shop Now! Order invitations and if the date (or venue) changes we will reprint your order free Godparent Ninang / Ninong Non-Clay Souvenirs Invitation INFO Christening Souvenir Unique, Personable, consumable Gift for Ninongs (Godfathers) and Ninangs (Godmothers) for Christening, Baptismal, Birthday, wedding or any occasion. Style: Ref Magnet Picture Frame Keychain Invitation INFO Christening Souvenir. Baptism & Christening invitations. Baptisms and Christenings are moments to cherish with family and friends. Invite them with an invitation you can customize with personalized texts in fonts and colors you select. Many of our designs feature Add-a-Photo, while others offer multiple color choices, and there is never a charge to email or print.

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  1. Baptism plays an important occasion to invite people for a grand celebration and family gathering. We help you write baptism invitation with our sweet and thoughtful baptism invitation templates that provides the perfect phrases to put into your own customized baptism invitation
  2. Last week, January 11 - we celebrated Milly's baptism. Everyone enjoyed the baptismal party we have prepared for our special friends and family members and Milly was showered with so many gifts from her ninong's and ninang's. I was very proud too of Milly because she cooperated all throughout the ceremony and reception
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  1. Photo Customizable, Name Personalize Neutral Godpa. Scripture Boy Will You Be My Godparents Invitation. Baby Hand with Pink Girl Will You Be My Godparents. Boy Blue Godparents Invitation In Dots and Stripes. I need a helping hand, please be my godparents, ba. Girl Pink Godparent Invitation Dots and Stripes Ph
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  3. Target someone who is your age or perhaps not more that 15 years older. 3. Prioritize generosity, but not just in presents. Too much is made about picking rich ninongs and ninangs in anticipation that they will shower your child with fancy presents. There is also the expectation that godparents in high places will recommend your child for a job.
  4. 9:00am - 12:00; 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Baptismal Souvenirs for Godparents. Baptismal Souvenir Mugs with Names for Ninong and Ninang. Php168.00 (idea) CCM-06. Baptismal Giveaway Latte Mugs For Godparents. Php99.00 (idea) CCM-05. Spooner Mugs as Giveaways For Ninong and Ninang. Php149.00 (idea) CCM-04
  5. Godparent Ninang / Ninong Non-Clay Souvenirs Invitation INFO Invitation INFO Christening Souvenir Christening Souvenir Please respect artist's property rights and do not copy, or reproduce consumable Souvenir for Christening, Baptismal, Birthday, wedding or any occasion. Style: Ref Magnet Picture Frame Keychai
  6. Invitations; Banners; Giveaways; Themes (02) 8998-9588. MONDAY - FRIDAY Baptismal Souvenir Mugs for Ninong and Ninang with Names. Php89.00 (idea) CCM-02 Butterfly Themed Two Tone Mugs as Christening Giveaways. Php89.00 (idea) CCM-02. Dedication Souvenir Magnets with Bible Verse. Php28.00 (idea) PRM-01. Rectangular Ref Magnets in Pink.
  7. Criteria in Choosing a Ninong and Ninang to be Your Sponsor. Make sure they can provide you with good advice. As much as possible, your ninong and ninang should be married and much older. This is because you'll want godparents you respect and admire. Ideally, they should be in marriages you and your partner can look up to

IF your chosen ninong or ninang does not have any of these, then she can still be a ninong or ninang to your child, but on paper, he or she will just be a witness. Only those with Baptismal Certificate and/or Confirmation certificate will be included in the Baptismal Certificate of the child Thank You Messages for Christening. Baptism is one of the most important events of a child's life. We are so glad that you were there to witness it. Thank you for the gift. Your love, support and generosity truly overflows. Thank you for witnessing our child's christening.. My Baptism was made more special because of your presence If masmarami ang ninong sa ninang, ok lang daw ganun. Hindi ko rin gaano sure ang rules if automatic bang ninang ang wife if kinuha mong ninong ang husband. Siguro since they're married, unofficially ninang ang wifey kasi if something happens to the parents, and the ninong steps in, syempre kasama si wifey dun sa equation

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  1. g a member of their selected religion. Baptism certificate designs is the answer for this as provided by the church or sect they have joined; for a more formal layout, they can download the membership Certificate Templates that can help them note down the details of the baptism and the members info
  2. Ninong and Ninang. The typical Filipino wedding is characterized by the long line-up of ninongs and ninangs or the godparents. Their names appear in the invitation under the heading principal sponsors.. According to Rita Neri's The Essential Wedding Workbook for the Filipina, ninongs and ninangs are senior men and women, preferably.
  3. Mass Baptismal : 300 (covers 1st pair of Ninong and Ninang) in excess, additional 50 each. Special Baptismal : 2300 (covers 1st pair of Ninong and Ninang) in excess, additional 50 each. Requirements: Original Copy and Photocopy of the Birth Certificate. Preferably NSO, but they do accept Civil Registered BC
  4. by Karen Mae de Vera. Dec 25, 2017. ILLUSTRATOR Warren Espejo. (SPOT.ph) The role of the godparent has often been misunderstood as a glorified Santa Claus. But ninongs and ninangs aren't recognized enough for their role as the second set of parents. It's like a tag-team effort when mom and dad want to tap out of the wrestling ring
  5. arian and Richcarl Nikolai's Ninong, Lloyd Anthony Pagulayan. (Photo below, thank you ninong ) He arranged Rev. Fr. Arnel A. Calata Jr., Vice Rector of EDSA Shrine to officiate our baby's.
  6. The only time that I can imagine right now, that maybe, just maybe, I will agree on walking down the aisle (as Ninang sa Kasal) is if Justin Bieber is getting married to Selena Gomez, and Justin Timberlake would be the ninong, my katuwang. Only to convince him to be my son-in-law. All the best to those young couples, pls go find another ninang
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Contextual translation of ninong ninang sa binyag into English. Human translations with examples: ninong, right now, to be baptized, wedding sponsor, papalit sa ninong Looking for the ideal Ninong Gifts? Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shippin Add A Personal Touch And Stand Out From The Crowd With Personalized Christening Cards. Create Custom Christening Card to Impress Your Loved Ones. Hundreds Of Designs Available

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  1. Post by @cherubclay09. Gifts, giveaways, souvenirs, invitation, etc for every celebration
  2. December 25 Mano po Ninong/Ninang!! Kids visited their Ninongs & Ninangs (Godparents) to ask for blessings and gifts. We call it pagmamano, another Filipino tradition where kids and teens are visiting their Godparents, these were the people who sponsored our children during baptism and acts as second parents to our kids
  3. Sometimes it is tough to figure out what to write in a baptism thank you card, or to decide on christening thank you card wording. Here are some great examples of thank you messages for attending those ceremonies, for attending and giving a gift, and notes to say thank you to a priest or pastor. Baptism Thank You Messages Christening Thank You Messages Baptism Thank You Messages #1 Thank you.
  4. She went to the boy's baptism, but after that there was really no interaction with them at all. She was surprised one day when she received an invitation for the boy's birthday party (I believe that the boy is about 2-3 yrs old then) and they wanted her to come so the boy could meet his ninang
  5. MATAPOBRE MOTHER- A female service crew was degraded by a mother to be a 'ninang' of her child after expecting she earns big salary working abroad. It has been a part of Filipino culture that when holding a baptism, parents would always invite their friends to be the godparent of their children
  6. Alongside your invitation, a great way on how to ask someone to be your principal sponsor is by gifting them with a box of goodies that they can use on your wedding day. For your ninangs, you can include a hand cream, a handkerchief, and an abaniko. For your ninongs, you can include cufflinks, socks, and a shaving kit
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Bottlecap with I Love Ninong/Ninang Plate Keychain. hi good day, inquire lng po kung gumagawa po kau ng photo frame? then my nakasulat na I love ninong / ninang _____? if meron, how much po In the baptism rites, the priest reminds godparents that they are to be the second parents of the child, and they should guide them in living out their faith. So if it's frowned upon to decline when asked to be a ninong or ninang, it's up to us parents to choose the best or at least, good godparents for our child

Marian and Dingdong start giving out invitations for Maria Letizia's christening Published 2016-02-10 16:28:36 . Kabilang rin sa mga magiging ninong at ninang ni Baby Maria Letizia sina Comedy Concert Queen AiAi delas Alas, Kapuso actor Gabby Eigenmann, ang kaibigan ni Marian na si Joylyn Santos, at marami pang iba.. Cream Satin Bow on Black, Will you be our Principa. Roses in Sepia / Will you be our Principal Sponsor. Principal Sponsor, Purple Satin Ribbon Look with F. Purple Ribbon with Pearl Jewel, Principal Sponsor . Invitation, Principal Sponsor, Gold Hearts with Bo. Bow on Lace in Purple, Principal Sponsor Request c Here are sample thank you message wordings for baptism favors. Thank you for your presence during Jasmine's christening on the ___th of (month) Two Thousand and Fifteen. Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3 Thank you for coming to Baby Stephen's christening day

Geordan can learn a lot from his Ninong Ryan about finances since he is a RFP and entrepreneur also. With Georg Daniel's Ninongs and Ninangs. Geordan's Ninangs include Christine Bellen and Sha Nacino who are both authors. Christine is an award-winning children's book author and playwright. Sha is a prolific author whom my mentor Bo Sanchez. Being a godparent is an amazing privilege. To show your gratitude and thankfulness for this blessing, here are great samples for writing your thank you message for your godparents that you can use by themselves or as part of a thank you letter to the godparents. There are also messages with baptism thank you wording. Thank You to Godparents Thank You to Godmother Thank You to Godfather Thank. lazad About sa candles po, may bayad sa amin pero 10 pesos each lang pero ako po ang nagbayad nun. May bayad din ang ninong at ninang sa simbahan. 50 pesos each yata sa amin kasi 10 ninong at 10 ninang sa baby ko bali 20 tapos 1100 lang binayaran ko.. I then filled up an application form and paid P100 and P50 for every additional ninong and ninang beyond two. They also asked me if I wanted the exclusive baptism or the regular every sunday baptism. For the exclusive, extra P500 ata yun

THE INVITATION. Price: Php 350 (printing and envelopes) I searched the internet for downloadable invitations and I came up with this: THE CHURCH. Parish of the Holy Sacrifice (rating: 5/5) JP Laurel cor. Apacible St.,UP Diliman, Quezon City. Price: Php 550 (for ninong/ninang Medyo confused lang ako kasi kami ni hubby may kumukuha sa amin as ninong and ninang considering na mag asawa na kami.. And magpapabinyag din kasi kami, plan sana namin get yung friend ko as ninang kaso dami na nakaline up as ninang sa ninong kami kulang kaya si hubby nalang sana niya kunin naming ninong since close din naman kami both sa kanila.

Tanggihan ang pagiging ninong o ninang? So first time kong maging ninang ng pinsan ko (which I found really weird and nasa college pa ako nun so sobrang tipid ako sa pera). Hindi ko naman tinganggihan kasi may power over sa akin ang mga magulang ko and iniiwasan ko mapagalitan. Iniisip ko na lang na manghihingi na lang ako sa kanila pambili ng. You must strictly follow the time and attendance, both parents and (1) ninong and ninang MUST be present or they will not accept you for the seminar. Finally, pass the baptism form to the parish office after attending the seminar and pay the fee for baptism + extra sponsors per head (if applicable). Then, your good to go! Wait for the date

Personalized Picture Frame name for Ninong and Ninang . and 5 family guest to be bound in Italy. Family Picture frame: Family picture frame: 5 Ninongs: 5 ninangs: And additional 15pcs Onesie Invitation. Christening Invitation. Birthday Invitation (1) Christening Souvenir (16) Cinderella (1) Clay (3) Clay Cake Topper (4) clay land (1) clay. Ninong All Over Again. Baptism, especially Catholic Baptism, is a solemn and serious ceremony. It is a holy sacrament of the Church. Those who are taking part in it should be strong in their resolve to do what they promise to God during the baptism. The mother, the father, and the godparents should have no hesitation whatsoever to accept the. In selecting the members of the entourage, the couple usually considers one or several pairs of principal sponsors or godparents (ninong and ninang) to serve as the primary witnesses of the wedding ceremony. Ideally, some of them may be the couple's baptismal godparents. They are people whom the couple admire and respect and expect guidance from Give your ninong ninang & principal sponsors the best gift on your special event. Each order contains 1pc - 100ML Honey Jar + Honey + Burlap + Dipper 1pc - Himalayan Salt 50 Grams 1pc = 40 Grams Coffee grounds pouch (Benguet beans only) Dried Flowers + Sinamay Bag Dimension 5 x 2 x 7 Inches FREE Customization of TAG (Select from our existing designs Skye's Baptism (06.01.2014) By ReigningStill At June 22, 2014 6. Finally blogging about my darling's baptism! Yey! Wala pang isang buwan yan. So anyway, when the baby got hospitalized again last May 16 due to ear infection, the family decided to speed up Skye's baptism. Pamahiin yun

One ninang is a writer (my daughter writes for a major publication) and super kikay (she teaches my daughter how to be kikay.. hahaha B.I. ninang), the other ninang is anime-crazed like my daughter (they both speak nihonggo behind my back!), another ninang is a business whiz and a badminton buff (my daughter loves badminton) The Baptismal Theme and Invitation. I like my parties to be themed, no matter how small or big they are. For Trey's baptism, we chose to have trucks as the theme. The trucks idea was suggested by our firstborn. I assigned him to decide the party theme because I wanted the boy to be involved in planning his brother's celebration Contextual translation of mag ninang sa binyag into English. Human translations with examples: godchild, right now, to be baptized, anak ng binyag, wedding sponsor This is what I made for the ninong and ninang of my little baby boy My first project is a diaper invitation for my sons baptism. I got the idea from this site. It's got the templates and the complete guide on how to make the invitation. I suggest that you also read the comments since some of your questions may be answered there

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15 Free Printable Party Invitations for Birthdays, Baptismals, and Baby Showers. 12 Stunning Color Palettes for a Baby's Birthday, Baptismal and Baby Shower. 2. Seminar. Kasama ng mga magulang ang mga napiling ninong at ninang sa Pre-Jordan o Pre-Baptism Seminar. Sa ibang simbahan, ang seminar ay nagaganap 2 oras bago ang binyag, at sa iba. Last year, I had my first ninang (godmother) experience. No, not in a baptism but in a wedding. At first, I was hesitant to accept the invitation but they say it's not good to decline such. Besides the person who invited me to become one of their principal sponsors is my son's first nanny who stayed with us for almost 2 years The schedule of Baptisms are at 10 am and 4 pm, but we got the Special Solo Baptism with Priest. We paid Php 3,200 for everything, regardless of the number of ninongs and ninangs. For regular baptisms though, it's at Php1,000 + Php 200 for the first 2 pairs of ninong and ninang (4 people) and Php 60 pesos per succeeding pair While we've only been ninong and ninang in two weddings, we sponsored three children for christenings. of weddings and christenings are woven into the Filipino culture, one has to be careful how they refuse an invitation to be a godparent. However, with a christening, you're expected to give gifts to the child on an annual basis and. Pm me diretly for fast transaction and inquiries. #personalizedcandle #baptismcandle #personalized #personalizedph #baptism #baptismalcandle #churchcandle #blessing #blessed #specialoccassion #offering #dedication #ninang #christening #ninong #1stbirthday #7thbirthday #wishingcandle #candle #debut #debu #18thbirthday #weddingcandle #unitycandle.

Shop for the perfect ninong gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts San Agustin Church didn't require us to submit a clearance from our parish. There was no seminar prior to the baptism, but the priest incorporated it during the ceremony. Kapag hindi pa naman naintindihan ng mga ninong at ninang ang role nila sa anak ko sa haba at linaw ng paliwanag ni Father, aba ewan ko na lang talaga! Haha Most of you probably know what a Ninong is, but for those who don't, it is a Godfather. Basically, under the tradition, if you are a Ninong (or if you are a lady you would be a Ninang) for a Wedding, you have a responsibility to help advise the couple, steer them through any trouble in their marriage and such Speaking to the press before the start of the reception dinner at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Joel was grateful to all the ninongs and ninangs for accepting his invitation. He said, Mukhang binyagan ng taon kasi kanina lang sa church nalula rin ako. Ang dami-daming ninong ang ninang For most of us, our role as a ninang or a ninong becomes relevant only during Christmas and birthdays.We buy our inaanak the bigger and more expensive gifts to bring home the fact that we have a special role in their lives. But is that all we have to do as godparents? The godparent's job. According to Father Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla, principal of Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary in.

Men's Deluxe T-Shirt. $23.39 $35.99. Philippine Sun Kids Light T-Shirt-Ninong. $17.24 $22.99. rockon2_ninong Light T-Shirt. $14.94 $22.99. Kids Dark T-Shirt. $18.74 $24.99. Make a bold statement with our Ninong T-Shirts, or choose from our wide variety of expressive graphic tees for any season, interest or occasion Check this out! We have a new design of keychain. Perfect souvenir for any occasion. PM us for more details. #NINONG #ninang #personalized #baptism #ElleJaecreationsPH #SouvenirsPH #GiveawaysPH #Giveaways #Souvenirs #Baptismal #Christening #dedication #Debut #Weddings #Birthdays #Party #Tassel #BabyShower #Baby #engraving #engraved #babygirl #pink #ellejaecreations #invitationph #invitation #. If you are a Godfather for a Baptism/Christening, you act as a second parent to the child. If the child becomes an orphan (either parents were deceased or abandoned the child), as a Godfather you will look after the welfare of the child if the close relatives of the child is unable to look after him/her Personalised christening invitations. Printed in Ireland. High quality. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Create in minutes with your photos and text

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Thanks Ninong Ed and Ninang Tina (Ed and Tina Pasamba of String Minstrels) for a wonderful music for my grand entrance. (Napaiyak lahat tuloy ang guests ko, lalo na yung groom ko.hi!hi!hi!..kahit ako muntik na.) Smart shot studio owned by Mr. Lito Genilo and Ms. Mean Genilo. One of my Ninongs and Ninangs The baptism was held on a rainy Saturday morning, 11am, at Christ the King, Greenmeadows (where Lia's dad and I got married 3 years ago). Sleepy Lia with Rev. Msgr. Antonio S.J. Mortillero: Lia, who got hungry after the ceremony, had 6 pairs of Ninong and Ninangs. (L-R) Ninongs Eldwin, Rolan, Erwin, Mark, Angel Lia's baptism invitation. We had 2 sets of give-aways, one for the godparents which was a personalized mug (it has a picture of Keisha on one side and the other side was with the picture of her ninong/ninang - photos came from their own Facebook accounts, at the center was Keisha's real footprints together with the date, venue and her complte name With me in the photo are Narra's Ninang Ana, Ninong Tristan, and his fiancee Nona. Looking back, I found that baptismal celebration simply enjoyable. I did not stress out with the preparations at all - no invitations were needed (we just sent text messages by phone) - we didn't spend on decorations anymore - and not even a cake or souvenirs

Sean's Baptism Party. Posted on July 24, 2015. July 24, 2015 by rozandiamante-sadolin. It was july last year when my uncle and his wife had a short vacation here in the phil. (they work abroad as well as my parents), my parents couldn't come though. So me and my husband decided to have our baby's baptism as well as our wedding May 31, 2014 - Explore Verenice Rios's board Baptism on Pinterest. See more ideas about baptism, christening, baptism girl 1 pair of sponsors (ninong and ninang) — But you can bring just 1 ninong OR ninang. If your sponsors are not available, you may bring a proxy; Make sure you know the home addresses of your chosen sponsors (these are needed on the registration form) Php600 for the fe

Your baptism is the beautiful beginning of this lifelong journey. Congratulations! I am so very excited for you to embark on your spiritual journey. God is smiling upon you on this special day. Let his light guide you from this day forth, now and forever. This is such an exciting step in your journey of faith Amaria Niszha's Christening. As Catholics, it is our tradition to submit our children into Baptism. Ninong Chef Rudolf's gift cake! Not just looks yummy but tastes oh so yummy too! There was also a slideshow video of Niszha's photos from birth to 4 months created by her Ninang Cha Albo. And all of these nice photos are from. They invite ninongs because they feel that the ninong (or ninang) can be able to satisfy their need for guidance, being so-called, second parents. Having a good combination of these needs (and other needs that may be considered) being met would of course, result to higher utility benefitting the individual or couple more Customisable ninong gifts - t-shirts, posters, mugs, accessories and more from Zazzle. Choose your favourite ninong gift from thousands of available products

Walang digital prints nuon at graphic designers. I copied the wedding invitation of our friends Mari and Trini. Hindi pa uso yung tatlong dosena ang ninong at ninang. Kuya Lito told me beforehand na hindi maganda yung maraming mga sponsors, para daw negosyo. Dapat two pairs nga lang, nadagdagan pa ng isang pair If you are a Godfather for a Baptism/Christening, you act as a second parent to the child. If the child becomes an orphan (either parents were deceased or abandoned the child), as a Godfather you will look after the welfare of the child if the close relatives of the child is unable to look after him/her

All our certificates are in Laguna my mothers hometown and I dont have any intention of rummaging through her things.. It's going to be an emotional task for me been missing Mommy nowadays especially if I need to make any decision with my wedding preps so going to Laguna to find my confirmation certificate is a big NO! Thank you Ninong Rajo! This outfit is everything! I can't get over how cute he is in it! Soft, crumple-free linen.. none of the usual itchy things! And the hat! It was the perfect touch to complete his safari inspired look. Cutie pie!!! Here he was with the first ninong & ninang to arrive..Tim & Bubbles! He was definitely entertained Baptism Requirements. 2 photocopies of Birth Certificate (translated in English) 2x2 ID pictures (2 pcs.) # of godparents: max. of 20 ; The Ninong/Ninang must also be a Catholic. Candles (the same as the number of godparents) Contact person: Ms. Maricar Galit # 010-4330-0925. Wedding Requirements. Birth Certificate of couples ; Status. Last Sunday, we had a joint celebration of The Princess' 2nd birthday and The Little Man's Christening. We had the whole party planned since February: we already chose a theme, we discussed the decorations, we had the invitations designed and printed out, etc. By April, I already e-mailed the caterer for their menu and prices. [ Coordinates the planning and purchase of the wedding invitations. Libro de Invitados. Buys the guest book and hosts the sign-in at the reception. Programas y tarjetas de asiento. Works with the bride and groom to plan the seating chart and create the place cards as well as write and print the programs. Bebidas. Organizes the beverages for the.

hi, as promised eto na yung update ko from last sunday baptism reception ng baby ko sa giligans. we had 30 guests, exclusive ninong-ninang and family lang. our meal package includes pancit canton, chicken strips, pork strips, pork belly, fried chicken, fish fillet, rice and 30 glasses of iced tea. basta yung mga order na yan good for 4 to 6 persons na so nag-order na lang kami ng 4 or 5 sets. *To our friends, Ninong and Ninang's during our baptism, who had their long bus ride and keep their words that they will be there. Even though we don't have that long chitchats and kwentuhan, and even skip some photos, we were happy to know and see that you were on our special day

Baptism of Paolo Contis and Lian Paz's daughter is a star-studded affair. Xonia Aitana, the daughter of actor Paolo Contis and dancer Lian Paz was baptized earlier this afternoon, July 18, at the Christ the King church in Greenmeadows, Quezon City. The event was attended by their closest friends in and out of showbiz 10 Personalised Peter Rabbit Initial Christening/Baptism Invitations Blue/Pink | eBay. Personalised Invitations. The invitations are printed to a very high standard using a thick high quality textured board, (350gsm) giving them a luxurious feel while ensuring a sharp and vibrant print. Ninong Ninang Unique Souvenir Follow me in Instagram. A million thanks for celebrating our wedding day with us. Thank you for witnessing our vows and be a part of our special day. Your presence is the most beautiful gift for us! Thank you! Thank you! Me and my husband/wife are really happy to see your presence in our wedding day. You are one of our best guests My Ninong & Ninang (Godparents from Baptism and also my Mom's uncle) have been living here since 1998 and finally met them again and now their kids are all teenagers & adult. They picked me up at the airport and then drove to CN Tower.. my cousins and I went on the top for me to see the whole skyline view of Toronto Location: B. Morcillas St., Pateros Schedule: Sundays, 10:30 AM for communal, by appointment for solo baptism Registration: Register one day before baptismal date for communal and 1 week before for solo. Rate: Solo: P2,000 baptismal fee (covers first pair of primary sponsors), P100 per additional ninong/ninang Communal: P150 baptismal fee (covers first pair of primary sponsors), P30 per.

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Mass Baptism (Every Sunday, 11:30 AM) Php 200.00 - Principal Sponsors. Php 50.00 - Per head of additional sponsor. Solo Baptism (Tuesday - Saturday, 9 AM - 3 PM) Php 1, 500.00 - Principal Sponsors. Php 50.00 - Per head of additional sponsor. Principal sponsors must be at least 16 years old It's always a good idea to send a thank you note for a gift, especially if the gift arrived via mail or the giver wasn't around to see you open it. Some examples of wording include: The cozy blanket you crocheted made my day. I'll be thinking of you every time I'm curled up on the couch watching Netflix

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You Know When It's Time to Promote. Looking for a Event Photographer (like wedding, birthday, debut and baptism), Stylist (for the venue and party essentials), Host (like wedding, birthday, debut, corporate and baptism) and Coordinator (from all the preparations, event essentials etc). Contact us!, I'll be happy to serve and be part of your. Many thanks to Dan for taking the pictures! We would also like to thank Mike and Chel for bringing Emily and Ethan over here. It was a long drive from SoCal, but the kids were so happy to see each other again. Thanks to Ninang Annette, Ninang Nini, Ninong JunJun, Lally, Tateng, Yoly, Allan, Etchel, Bea, David, Isabella, Andre, and Rory for. Baptism Bar & Bat Mitzvah First Communion Confirmation. More to Explore. Save the Date Maker Enclosure Cards RSVP Cards Moving Announcements. Invitations & Stationery. The Ninang T-Shirt. $22.10