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  1. Rescued Horses Before and After Nelson was the worst case to arrive at the farm. He took feeding every 4 hours to bring back to health. He now lives at a home where he makes a young boy very happy
  2. Rosemary Farm Sanctuary, Inc, is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and a registered non-profit in NYS, that rescues horses in dire need. Some are made available for adoption, many live here for life. We are located in the Catskill mountains of New York and offer tours and education
  3. In case you missed it, here are his before and after images. He is a Spotted Draft horse that was rescued by Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. October 23, 2015. As you can see, Whisper is just that, a whisper of what a magnificent draft should be. We have a long road to getting him slowly back to health

In accordance with Chapter 496.411, Florida Statutes, the Solicitations of Contributions Act, the following information is provided: Charity Name/Location: Florida Research Institute for Equine Nurturing, Development & Safety, Inc./ 1840 NE 65 Court, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33308; Charity Registration #: CH14915 We rescue so many different horses at auction, all of them with their own stories and their own histories both good and bad. In July we were at an auction and rescued 26 horses. One horse, later named Stormy, distinctly stands out to me. I don't know his story before we rescued him, bu

There are some before and after pictures of horse transformations that make your jaw drop! Whether they were a starved rescue or a gangly youngster, with time and love any horse can become healthy and beautiful. It warms your heart when you see a horse looking and feeling their best Rescue, before and after. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. CatrinaB87 · Registered. Joined Dec 29, 2008 · 232 Posts Amazing what happens when you feed a horse. Do you have any before and afters of your rescues? Reactions: Chokolate, Thunderspark,. Below is a list of horse rescues in the United States. Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by A Home For Every Horse. Before contributing to or adopting from any equine rescue, do your own research to make sure your time and money are going to a worthy organization Quest was locked in a barn for over a decade with no care. Despite all odds, Days End Farm Horse Rescue taught him to walk, run, and play again, leading to a.. Lucien, a 14.1hh bay four-year-old gelding, came into World Horse Welfare's somerset rescue and rehoming centre, Glenda Spooner Farm, when he was barely 18 months old after being found.

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Sterling's transformation! With the help of you guys, we rescued Sterling back in February last minute to save him from being shipped to slaughter. And look. Before and After Stories. Since our opening in April 2011, Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County has rescued over 1,156 animals. Thanks to the generous support of our many donors, here are just a few of the before and after stories. Whisper To provide equine rescue, rehabilitation, education and adoption services within the state of Florida. To provide assistance to law enforcement and animal agencies with cruelty investigations and the care and placement of horses. To promote and teach horse care and humane, natural methods of training for horses. Visitors by Appointment Onl

2885 English Road • Chino Hills, CA 91709 (909) 627-2524 Red Bucket Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible Like so many horses, Sable had a caring friend for well over a decade, but years passed, and Margaret grew up and moved far away. Sadly, Sable could not go with her and eventually fell on harder times. Whippoorwill Horse Rescue stepped in almost too late The contract should include a provision for the Right of First Refusal, meaning that if your buyer has to resell your horse at any point, you will be contacted and given the option to either buy back or take back your horse. The Equine Rescue Network (ERN) has an excellent sample Transfer of Ownership form that could be a great starting place.

NEER North rescues MA, NH and New England horses and donkeys in need. View before and after photos on this page, to see how healthy our equines have become if you have any rescue horses, please post before and after (if you have after yet) pics!! **P.S. it may not look like Eclipse is very skinny in the pics because of pic quality, but when i got him, he was almost 500 pounds under weight . Reply. Apr 29, 2013 #2 animallover505 Crowing

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Born April 2007 at the Rescue Apollo 2010 with mom and dad. 2006 POKEY 2010 2006 CHARITY 201 Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc (407) 908-5402. Toggle Navigation. Poker for Ponies Fundraiser; Farm Camp; Before and After; Horses at the Farm; Our Life Residents; More Life Residents; Care for Life Residents # 3; Horses for Adoption; Rabbits at the Farm; Guinea Pigs at the Farm; Our Other Residents; Successful. now finally ready for adoption. hes 2 years old seeetest horse ever.. we need to make sure feed funds keep coming in for the herd. please keep donating to pay pal or Venmo leavethegateopen@yahoo.com We have seven new starvation case that need to be free feedi g and need special senior feed and it's very expensive. thank you for help to. Before and after photos of neglected miniature horses rescued from Indiana home. VIGO COUNTY, Ind. ( WTHI) - Several miniature horses rescued from an Indiana home are doing well, according to News 10 in Indiana. On Sunday, the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue was called to a home when Animal Control asked for their help removing four miniature horses. The Sad, Ugly Truth About Horse Racing. Heart of Battle (right) was a granddaughter of Secretariat. She suffered a permanent injury from the track at the age of 4. Hanaeleh rescued her when her owner died, and she was taken in by supporters of the Exceller Fund. Horse racing is NOT a sport, it's an industry

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BEFORE AND AFTER: Miracle pony goes from emaciated to future show horse INCREDIBLE pictures show how one horse is now unrecognisable after recovering from matted fur and bones protruding through. Equine Rescue Network. 220,556 likes · 3,376 talking about this. Equine Rescue Network (ERN) shares at-risk horses, rescues unwanted horses and brings awareness to equine slaughter The final point discussed was potential treatment using a fecal transplant from a healthy horse. In a study with 14 horses with free fecal water, all showed improvement 3 days after being treated via fecal transplant and 2 months after treatment, 7 of the 14 horses had had no re-occurrence of the condition. (Theelen, unpublished) Rehoming costs (inclusive of VAT) Ridden - £350 to £600. Youngster project - £280 to £380. Lead rein or hacking horse - £280. Companion - £100 to £150. There is a £50 discount on all horses if taking on another Blue Cross horse within six months

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7 years ago I accidentally adopted a kitten with a freshly amputated back leg. Tiny cat, HUGE personality and hugely loved. I found this cat when it was minus 30 degrees celsius (I live in Russia). Someone left him all alone in the street. The kitten from the basement Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. Central New England Equine Rescue, Inc. COVID has impacted the horse communities in many ways. Little Bandi Above, Ginger (racehorse How Dry Cyane) at 35yrs of age after rehabilitation. ©2005-2021 Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue, inc 501c3 (631) 537-7335 We are governed by 11 board members and ruled by the wants and needs of the horses daily on our own shy 10 acre farm and several associated estate farms Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Starte

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Before you do, find out what you should be aware of and exactly what to do to protect the horse, other horses and yourself. This is a free event, sponsored by Horse Tales Rescue Saturday, April 20th, from 9 am to 3 p When you donate to Horse Plus Humane Society's auction rescue fund, you are giving horses like Lily a life where they are treasured. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend! Horse Plus Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, sheltering horses since 2003 Before & After. Viewer discretion advised. Chibi . Smokie . Fuzzy . Mabel . Juno. Back to Top. South Jersey Horse Rescue, 5745 Pleasant Mills Road, Egg harbor City, NJ 08215, USA (609) 965-0274 southjerseyhorserescue@comcast.net. Donate. 501 (c) 3 Not-for-profit Charitable Organizatio You Inspired Us All. January 2020. Train. aka Handsome Prince. Arrived Dec'17 and will be recovering with special diet for many months to come! He was used to lead race horses onto the track and then discarded when no longer needed. Jake arrived at Ranch Critters literally a walking skeleton... and we watched him improve day by day and go on to. EVERYTHING ON THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF LAZY HORSE RANCH / RESCUE (G.F.) AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION !!! ***** LAZY HORSE RESCUE started its efforts in Winter 2003/2004. This new website was first launched on 05/05/2006

Not all thoroughbred horse owners are evil dispicable people as some of you are claiming,in fact a lot of owners are working with rescue and Otto retraining groups to give retired horses a place to move on to after their racing careers are over.I live in Florida and admit there is a lot of abuse post racing but that is not the rule but the. At dawn on May 12, the remarkable procession began. About 350 horses were herded in small groups, with American vehicles positioned before and after them and with a band of Polish, Czech, and Cossack horsemen as outriders, along with a smattering of Americans—making the name of the mission, Operation Cowboy, especially apt

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The old adage of slow and steady wins the race may just be true with the racing career of Casey's Lear. The daughter of Musketier (GER) finished last in her first and only start. The striking grey then made her way to TAA-accredited Second Stride to find a more suitable job. Tricky G made all 20 of his career starts in Louisiana and. The photos below are of a gelding who was a remarkably gentle and quiet horse despite being quite young--probably because he was too sore to be otherwise. Before photos: This horse's left fore had extremely high, under-run heels, and high, folded over bars. This jams up into the inside of the hoof capsule and puts pressure on the navicular area Horses and ponies rehoming and adoption. We're always looking for homes for our rescue horses and ponies. We have lots of horses and ponies waiting to be rehomed throughout England and Wales right now - ranging from adult ridden and companion horses to youngsters who will need bringing on in their new homes. Start your search for a rescued horse Salma came into our rescue program from the City of Choctaw and the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office along with 22 other horses and Donkeys as a cruelty case. Sadly, one died the night before the seizure, despite our best efforts to save her. She was reportedly down for more than 10 hours, before we got the call By David W. Ramey, DVM. Controlling internal parasites in patients is a primary concern of equine practitioners.The advent of readily available, easily administered and effective deworming agents—along with recognition that a particular parasite, S. vulgaris, causes a destructive colic problem (verminous arteritis)—has resulted in a deworming frenzy, particularly among horse owners

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World Horse Welfare runs the largest equine rescue and rehoming scheme in the UK. If you choose to rehome you'll receive an honest assessment of the horse and their capabilities, ongoing support and the reassurance that if your circumstances change you can return him/her - plus the reward of knowing you're creating space for another horse to come into our care 6. DO walk your horse, if it's safe and recommended by your veterinarian, to stimulate gut motility and to prevent injury from rolling.Greater than 50% of mild colics will clear up with just. 1. Learn your horse's body language. Being able to read your horse's body language will allow to you communicate with him more effectively, which will in turn help you gain his trust. Your abused horse may demonstrate certain body language as a result of the abuse (e.g., trembling, tense muscles) Before investing the money in a PPE be sure that you have a signed sales contract in hand - otherwise the seller could change their mind about selling the horse or sell the horse to another buyer after you have invested time, money, and energy into the PPE. Also, be mindful of the time period in which you have to complete the PPE The Green Valley Brittany rescue group gained permission to evacuate the animals from the farm last week from local authorities. It took action after receiving a tip-off from the town's mayor

Before some one shoots a horse or stakes it on a railroad track they should call their local SPCA, perhaps the horses can be given to another rescue or put down humanely by their veterinarian.horses are more than livestock, most of them have been called by their given names and have been partners or companions to people Abused Horses Find Their Field of Dreams (Photos) Published July 10, 2014 by Alisa Mullins. Last Updated July 30, 2015. Henry was once a racehorse, but when he stopped winning, he became one of the thousands of thoroughbreds who are discarded every year. Once a sleek, powerful competitor, he was a bag of bones, unsteady on his feet, and barely. Check Out These Amazing Before and After Rescue Dog Transformation. Slide 1 of 33: We simply cannot resist a heartwarming makeover — especially when it involves an adorable puppy. Whether they.

Rescue. HorseWorld rescues neglected, mistreated and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, saving the lives of up to 100 animals every year. We work alongside the police, fire and rescue services, vets and other charities to rescue horses, ponies and donkey's in the South West of England Dealing with objects that cause your horse to shy can be extremely vexing. Most horses, if given a chance to look hard at an unfamiliar object-and especially to sniff and to touch it-will lose their anxiety. Usually, if you remain calm and just let them take a deep breath and assess something they haven't seen before, they'll accept it llll Volunteer with Horses: Top 10 Horse Sanctuary Projects for your horsemanship 2021 Volunteering with horses is the perfect way to work with your favorite animals and do something meaningful at the same time. Volunteer at a horse rescue center or a sanctuary for neglected horses. We're happy to advise you To save his horse's life after a snakebite, a cowboy is forced to take matters into his own hands. A tracheostomy is best performed by a veterinarian, but I once talked a very brave owner through the procedure over a cell phone. The case involved a ranch horse that had been bitten on the nose by a venomous snake, and the owner was an older. 14 Dogs Before and After They Were Rescued by PETA (Photos) PETA's fieldworkers are on call 24/7, responding to animal emergencies in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina year round. Here's a glimpse into the lives of just a handful of the animals they've encountered who faced extreme neglect but were ultimately rescued.

7 of 42. Guppy. Thorse Dog Rescue saved Guppy's life from a kill shelter after he was found blind and wandering the streets in Florida. He was believed to be about 15 years old at the time, but. 6. Wash Your Hands. Be sure to always wash your hands after caring for the quarantined horse, and before touching the other horses on your farm. It is best to care for the quarantined horse last, so that you can then go in the house and wash your hands and change your clothes. 7 In a lifetime of working with horses, Gary Kidd, 73, had never adopted an untrained wild mustang before. But when the federal government started paying people $1,000 a horse to adopt them, he.

Overgrown hooves are a common problem in rescue horses that have not been cared for properly. If you have adopted such a horse, here's what can be done to fix his hoof health. Neglected and overgrown hooves are some of the most common pathologies I encounter in newly arrived rescue horses, and horses purchased at auction A dead horse on the floor of a Queensland abattoir.(ABC News) The grisly end being meted out to the racing industry's unwanted horses is occurring on a weekly basis, despite Racing Australia. Secure your horse before grooming. Before starting your grooming routine, you should make sure the horse's reins are tied up. This will ensure that the horse cannot bolt and that you can keep a firm grip on it while preforming your grooming tasks. You can tie up a horse using a variety of knots, such as a quick-release knot We are taking our responsibility seriously and prioritizing the safety of our horses while taking every precaution to safeguard the health and well-being of essential personnel and team members required to operate our lifesaving business. Red Bucket Equine Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Dippy is flying the flag for rescue horses everywhere. Read article. Link. Blog. Buena's story - how our foals are cared for from birth to rehoming. Senior Groom Steph introduces lovely filly Buena and explains how the team care for foals from birth right through to finding them a loving home for youngster handling

Please Consider Donating To Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue! You can make a donation to help save horses through the button below or at HelpSaveHorse.org. Hand sanitizer is provided in front of the barn so that you may clean your hands before and after you ride. It is wonderful to see everyone and to be doing what we love A horse in California had to be airlifted with a helicopter after becoming stuck. Using a helicopter, US fire department officials performed one of the most technical horse rescues to save the. That is where Pinto the Oregon mustang arrived recently, skinny and frightened, after he was rescued from a kill auction in Louisiana. Wild Horse Rescue Center founder and president Diane Delano has for several decades devoted her life to working with mustangs, the free-roaming horses managed and protected by the Bureau of Land Management as living symbols of the historic and pioneer. Camelina oil comes from the oilseed Camelina sativa. Camelina sativa is native to Europe and grows well in cold and arid climates. While camelina is normally found in Europe, it can also be found in Asia and in some places throughout North America, Slovenia, and Italy. Known in English as camelina, gold-of-pleasure, or false flax, this crop has. For the little horse in the quarantine of a Chichester animal rescue, Lisa Walker needed a non-traditional tool for a farrier: a hack saw.The roughly 10-year-old mini horse that stood for the.

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Over 100,000 horses are sent to slaughter each year, and the vast majority would be rehomed; not every horse going to slaughter needs to go to rescue. The USDA documented that 92.3 percent of horses sent to slaughter are in good condition and are able to live out a productive life The tougher cases are the mustangs or other feral horses who have never seen people before. They need to be accustomed to human handling before you can begin any real training, and the longer a horse has lived on his own, the harder it will be to gentle him Introduce exercise slowly, taking into account your horse's hoof condition, weight, age, health, and soundness. Gradually get your horse in condition before asking him to do anything strenuous. Longe before working under saddle. Walk before trotting. Watch for early signs of fatigue and stop before you overtax your horse

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  1. A booster two to four weeks before travel or competition gives a horse time to mount a sufficient anamnestic response and also allows time for any mild intramuscular vaccine reactions to resolve.
  2. Great Expectations Ranch. This is an update, as of June 22/2021. I will be adding some new horses, looking for new homes, soon. I also would like to announce, that we will be having our fall fundraiser, this year. I plan to have a date, by August and will let everyone know, as soon as I have it locked in
  3. Before removing horses from a property, however, the officer will make sure he has the necessary resources lined up: • A location to house the horses for an extended period. This may be a county or city animal-control facility, space at an auction barn or fairgrounds, or at a local horse rescue
  4. Donations are needed and appreciated. Point Evergreen Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. 100% of donations go towards the care of these rescued animals. And After
  5. A young plant harvested prior to maturity will have a lower lignin content than a plant allowed maturing before cutting. Fresh green spring grass is much higher in digestible fiber than parched summer grass. A horse can draw more energy from a high quality, early harvested hay (whether grass or legume) than a mature hay
  6. Very lame before and comfortable after setup trim. P3 is almost exposed and is lower than any part of the hoof wall. 6 months later with excellent hooves and gloriously sound. P3 has moved up into a natural position in the hoof capsule; shortening the hoof, while building necessary sole

More horses than ever are developing conditions that used to be considered rare complications of old age. And, in part, that's a good thing. Whereas once the equine lifespan topped off in the late teens, advances in medical care, parasite control, pharmaceuticals and nutrition now make unprecedented longevity possible Rescue horses are those that have either been neglected, abandoned or abused and there are a ton of farms and non-profits out there acting as horse rescues or sanctuaries. Before considering horse adoption, we encourage you to learn more about the farm or organization that is offering the horse. Make sure to do your homework

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch - A safe and peaceful environment where broken children, horses, and families could find hope within the healing circle of unconditional love The equine rescue became a 501c3 in 2005 in memory of a much beloved partner, Rascal. The sanctuary home for aged horses began in 2009 in memory of a special soul, Aramis. Our mission is to save slaughter bound horses and ponies that still have quality of life, rehabilitate them as necessary and give them a second chance at life and being loved Strangles commonly affects young horses (weanlings and yearlings), but horses of any age can be infected. Vaccination against S. equi is recommended on premises where strangles is a persistent endemic problem or for horses that are expected to be at high risk of exposure. Following natural infection, a carrier state of variable duration may. Lost and Found Horse Rescue is home to a dozen donkeys and several mules! Please be patient with us as we try and get individual photos posted of each! Adoption fee for a donkey is $500. We have donkeys ranging in age from 6 months old to 35 years old. Bonded donkeys must be adopted as a pair

Habitat for Horses is a non-profit equine protection agency committed to the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused and homeless equine. While being responsive to calls for assistance from law enforcement, the organization maintains a leadership role in horse protection issues and assist in setting the standards for all. Had all negative reviews after the Bar Rescue makeover and the bar closed a couple months after the makeover and before the episode even aired. More Detailed Update: 3: City Bar - Renamed The Bradley Gaming and Cocktail Lounge: Las Vegas, NV: Closed: Closed just three months after the Bar Rescue makeover and before their episode aired

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After this, you will need to treat the areas with weed killer to prevent them from growing and pushing up through your artificial turf. Next, you need to install a wire mesh barrier and crushed stone, making sure you level each along the way. Finally, you will need to lay a level of sand before you can even install your artificial turf Horse slaughter is the practice of slaughtering horses to produce meat for consumption. Humans have long consumed horse meat; the oldest known cave art, the 30,000-year-old paintings in France's Chauvet Cave, depict horses with other wild animals hunted by humans. Equine domestication is believed to have begun to raise horses for human consumption. The practice has become controversial in some. Here is a sample bill of sale. (link is external) that you will receive once you have purchased the animal (s). Please review the clauses in the bill of sale. If you have questions regarding the sales program, please contact the Wild Horse and Burro Program at 866-468-7826 or wildhorse@blm.gov The Dickson bar in Dickson, Tennessee, which appeared on season 6 of Bar Rescue has closed. The Dickson was originally named The Wanted Saloon before Bar Rescue came and the makeover was done in late November/early December of 2017. The Dickson episode aired on August 5th, 2018 and the bar announced they were closing on August 24th, so just a few weeks after their episode aired

Earth Arc Rescue. DIRECTIONS: From New Glasgow. Take the TCH & take exit 20, turn right.At the stop sign turn right and continue driving. Right before the West River Fire Station turn right, drive about 30 seconds then turn left onto Heron Road (this is a dirt road) Keep on that road until you reach the barn! From Truro Your chance to win a Dream Horse Float and help save the rescue horses. SPACE, SPACE and more SPACE The Olympic 2 Horse AL Mustang is superior quality all the way. 1st Prize valued at $31,585. Dec 4, 2019

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Please limit phone calls between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Happy Searching!!! We have adoption events every Saturday and Sunday from 10-2 and Wednesdays from 6-8, the location is as follows: 6819 W. 21st St. Indianapolis, In. 46214 (Turn in at the pink mailbox- located in the back of the property, behind J&J Grooming) You can visit our website for. New Holland Direct. 3,694 likes. New Holland Direct is a small group of women working together to pull horses directly out of the slaughter pipeline from New Holland Auction in New Holland, PA Probably the most common reasons we sedate horses for are 1) Stitching up wounds, to stop the horse wriggling!. 2) Tooth rasping, especially when using power rasps and dremels. 3) Some surgical operations - for example, many vets prefer to castrate colts under standing sedation, rather than a general anaesthetic. This is because sedation is much safer than a general anaestheti

Grateful Gait Horse Rescue, Poway, CA. 1,013 likes · 1 talking about this. The Grateful Gait is 501c3 whose goal is to give sanctuary and rehabilitation to injured, neglected or retired horses in need After a horse is treated for a tendon injury with PRP, they will need to rest. This is partly because the therapy but also due to the nature of the injury. Tendon injuries typically require rest and then a modified exercise schedule before eventually returning to normal activities

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A neglected rescue horse found in an appalling state is now a show jumping star after a remarkable turnaround. Bertie arrived in the care of our Burford rehoming centre horrifically malnourished, covered in scabs, riddled with lice, suffering from strangles - a respiratory infection - and with overgrown feet Severely dehydrated and twice collapsing after it got to Chicago Animal Care and Control, the horse was transferred to the Tinley Park Farm to be cared for immediately by a vet specializing in. He has most of his seizures at night. I give him the Rescue Remedy® after he has a seizure and it calms him down. He also does not sleep well thru the night. He usually wakes up at 2:30-3:00 every night. I gave him some Rescue Remedy® last night before bed time and he slept thru the night for the first time in about a year

Rare Gypsy Vanner Rescued With Group Of Other Equines WhoAnimal rescue group searches for answers after someoneMeet Morgan, Red Bucket Equine Rescue #370 | Red BucketCheck horsebox floors to save your horse's life [H&H VIPCruelty Uncovered by Animals’ Angels ~ Please Send EmailsAdoption offers pour in for horse and alpaca duo | CTV News

Things to Consider Before You Breed Your Mare . If you've had any exposure to the horse world, you may be aware of the fact that there are many unwanted horses languishing in foster homes, rescue farms and sadly, somewhere on a truck headed for slaughter. Right now, there are more horses than homes Alaska Equine Rescue and Alaskan State Troopers removed the animals and placed them in foster care homes. Mahan was convicted and attempted to appeal the conviction and certain aspects of the sentence (Id. at 963-64). Mahan wished to reduce the costs owed to the rescue because members of the community had made monetary donations At the time, I gave her an Ivermectin based paste and isolated her 1 week. She was then put on the same deworming schedule as everyone else, every 8-10 weeks rotating active ingredients. I was informed that the horse had received regular deworming paste/shots where she was before. After about 2-3 months, the horse started coughing Before Ulysses was rescued, he was living near the highway for a long time. He got his name because of the trials he had gone through. When Linda Hill found the little black panther, she made up her mind to get him into a loving home that he deserved. Check out this amazing rescue story and how Linda won the trust from this ex-feral cat If you suspect your horse may have a significant worm burden or they are showing clinical signs, please call your vet straight away. If you rescue, rehome or buy a horse without knowing their health/worming history, you should keep them isolated until they have been tested, and if necessary treated, for a worm burden