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When worn wrapped around the waist, these cloths, denote the traditional healers' occupation, as a form of a sartorial marketing tool. The animals symbolized are pertinent to the wearers practice and the type and motif on the cloth is requested according to Simmons, F. 2010 , by ancestral spirits through the following methods Shaman and Healing Cloths. Shaman (phaa phi mon) and healing cloths (phaa sabai) are shawls that are worn and used by a shaman during any of a variety of healing rituals - from curing a physical injury, disease, or a mental illness to protecting a newly born baby or performing a fertility ceremony. The shaman, which can be of either gender. Chiefs, traditional healers, elderly men and women also wear clothing with different symbols to show their status or positions in society. A distinctive feature of traditional African dress is its use of festive colours, intricate patterns and figurative symbols to communicate meaning. These garments are much more than mere adornment All DMH clothing and accessories are inspired by the dress and clothing of traditional healers. They can be shipped nationally and internationally. All clothing available in following sizes To set-up an appointment to visit the store, please press here XS - S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL Bigger sizes available on request To view the brochure with prices please click here

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Browse 193 sangoma stock photos and images available, or search for traditional healer or muti to find more great stock photos and pictures. Sangoma, , in front of a fire, Zulu village, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Women drinks the blood from a newly killed goat as she is graduating from a Sangoma ceremony on May 10, 2005 in Soweto. Spiritual Healer using Spiritual Powers, Bones, Mirror, Spiritual Prayers, Mphepho, Candles, Water, Phahla as divination between Ancestors and. Spiritual Powers with more than 20 years of mentor ship from my Late Father (RIP) in African Traditional Medicine, Herbs and Spiritual Healing your spirit from its stresses and ailments Traditional healers of Southern Africa are practitioners of traditional African medicine in Southern Africa.They fulfill different social and political roles in the community, including divination, healing physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses, directing birth or death rituals, finding lost cattle, protecting warriors, counteracting witchcraft, and narrating the history, cosmology, and.

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  1. Initially, a market of traditional healers and a place where one could buy African medicine Muti, but now the market has expanded to sell a huge array of traditional African artifacts Everything African can be bought here, from Zulu attire, animal skin clothes, walking sticks, knobkerries, shields to sandals or beaded items
  2. d other people that wearing modern designs is not the only option they have
  3. There are over 200,000 traditional healers practising in South Africa, and 70% to 80% of the population is thought to use traditional medicines. Healers are revered within their societies, and not only fulfil physical healing roles, but also feature significantly in the social and political spheres
  4. Traditional Healers. The greatest traditional healers with an international track record, spell casters, erectile dysfunction specialists, fortune-tellers, testosterone treatment specialists, powerful spiritual healers, penis enlargement specialists, organic healers and powerful native healers all under one umbrella body
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  6. South Africa has an estimated 200,000 traditional healers and the World Health Organisation (WHO) says that up to 80% of people in Africa rely on traditional medicine as primary healthcare. Numbers are on the increase because in modern South Africa, healthcare bills are expensive for a large part of the population

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The intention of the exhibition is to dispel the myth that traditional healers are to be feared, and to make people aware of what a modern traditional healer looks like. Being a healer is not a curse, Phologane says candidly. I want people to know what it means to be a traditional healer in 2012 and how they juggle their lives When the clothes' color is black or dark gray it means unfavorable changes (sadness, poverty, disappointments, etc.). When it has one or more colors, especially bright green, it means joys and successes, especially social ones. Blue clothing means a change towards a more spiritual or intellectual state, the dreamer is always seeking a higher. Traditional healer's utmost concern is to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the patient. The practice is based in keeping with cultural values and similar to other complementary and alternative healing practices, on the relationship that develops between healer and individual. Communication defines this relationship and is a means of. 778. $24.99. $24. . 99 FREE Shipping. Get free shipping. Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . (Prices may vary for AK and HI. Gogo maphosa traditional healer'''. February 26 ·. Morning people please feel free to call or whatsapp me anytime anyday i solve problems weather big or small it may be family work or bussiness related nothing is difficult for gogo 00263776310418. 99. 3 Comments

South African Healers Association (SOAHA) is a community of healers, spiritually, physical and intellectually, engaged in the task of influencing the development and support of various healing practices in South Africa and recognizes the spiritual elements of these spiritual, traditional, indigenous and natural healing practices. One common theme in research activities is that all relate [ In this episode of Imvelo we learn more about the Traditional Healer's dress code and its significance.Catch Imvelo, an African religion magazine show, Sun.. Zulu Men. Traditional dress for men consists of animal skins and feathers; the kind of skins indicates the status of the person wearing them. The tufts of a cow's tail (amashoba) are worn on the upper arms and below the knee to make the person appear broader than he is

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Traditional healer, Mr Benjamin Nyaude of Hatfield in Harare who allegedly helped the young girl soon found his house flocked by hundreds of people seeking help. Mr Nyaude had to find a place to. NAVAJO traditionally received treatment for illness from native healers or medicine men. As in a conventional medical care system, many different types of practitioner exist; these range from diagnosticians such as hand tremblers, crystal gazers, and listeners, to individuals who perform healing ceremonies involving herbs, balms, and purgatives. 1 Native healers have been the focus of. Sangoma/ Traditional Healer/ Inyanga/ Herbalist/ Spells Caster: Best And Powerful Psychic Love Spells Caster In South Africa +27639471873 . Open 24 hours. WhatsApp 063 947 1873 Get Quote Call 063 947 1873 Get directions Message 063 947 1873 Contact Us Make Appointment Find Table Place Order View Menu Traditional Clothing Sometimes our traditional costumes get passed down too. They are very, very expensive, costing several thousands of dollars. (US) So, I thought, funerals are cheap by comparison and traditional costumes (called Bunads) are more expensive than funerals, beginning at about $3000 (US)

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  2. Sangoma or Shaman or traditional healer of the Zulu people, with his two sons, Kwazulu-Natal, A group of Zulu warriors in traditional clothing during the dance performance at the opening ceremony for the South African Week of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria, 7 May 2012
  3. Can you wear your sangoma dress at work? An Eastern Cape sangoma initiate is at the centre of a workplace dress storm. FILE: Traditional health practitioners, pictured on 12 May 2011, conduct a.
  4. ed and defined by the spirits that possess them. Abelaphi bendabuko banezingubo abazigqokayo uma beqhuba.

The new generation of sangomas. Thabiso Siswana balances her corporate job with her sangoma training. It was just past noon on a ­Sunday, and the News Café at Maponya Mall in Soweto was already. Traditional African healing. The definition of traditional healing varies. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) (WHO, 1976: 8) traditional medicine/healing is the sum total of all knowledge and practices, whether explicable or not, used in diagnosing, preventing or eliminating a physical, mental or social disequilibrium and which rely exclusively on past experience and. Traditional healers may use any of the diagnostic assessment methods described above or several others to determine the prognosis for a client. In some instances they may use herbs or perform some initial rituals. If the disorder does not respond to these treatments, there is a rediagnosis, and other assessment methods are considered ABOUT ANHA  In short , the African National Healers Association was founded in 1989. The African National Healers Association is registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa under Section 21 Act 61/73 and Reg. Number [89/0529/08].. The then board of Directors consisted of the following memebers; S.Mahlaba (MD) A.C (Tsiane), J.M Raketse, S.C Seroka, Z.N Ndebele, H.M Tshabane, A.E.

The traditional division of Arab dwellings into men's and women's halves led to the use of separate staircases and room entrances hidden behind partitions. There is a minimum of furniture: cushions and mattresses are placed along the walls for sitting, and special mattresses, which are taken away in the daytime, are used for sleeping SANGOMAS can wear stylish modern traditional clothes. She said she worked together with her ancestors to come with a solution to break the stigma about sangomas and to start a new culture that shows how spiritual healers can wear traditional garments in a stylish modern way that still represents their gifts in a dignified manner Sangoma and iNyanga - traditional healers of Swaziland A very important member of Swazi society is the sangoma or diviner whose role it is to find the cause of misfortune or disease, prescribe actions to rectify it and prepare medicine to cure illness Sangoma Tours in Eshowe. You can experience real sangoma ceremonies first hand. Tours leave from Sugar Hill Manor Guesthouse , The George Hotel and Zululand Backpackers on Wednesdays and Sundays at 1 pm. If you would like to experience this unique part of the Zulu culture, please contact Zululand Eco-Adventures Traditional healers speak of a sudden unexplained illness they had or they heard voices and saw visions. Many also talk about very bad headaches that would not go away. Their illnesses would not go away until they listened to the ancestors and went to train as a sangoma or an inyanga

The Sangoma is a famous traditional healer said to have a close association with ancestors and spirits that guide and protect the Venda community. The Venda culture likes dress codes and does. And, a group of Native American women wearing traditional jingle dresses is traveling the U.S. to promote healing from COVID-19. The jingle dress was used for healing during another health crisis. traditional healers‟ perceptions of, and approach to, the treatment of mental illness (Sorsdahl et al., 2010). Transformations such as the official recognition of indigenous healers, including the acknowledgement of their role in the treatment of diseases has motivated the researcher in the current study to explore the conceptualisation of.

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Traditional healer synonyms, Traditional healer pronunciation, Traditional healer translation, English dictionary definition of Traditional healer. n. In certain traditional cultures, especially in Africa, a sorcerer or shamanistic healer Included in the effort was the recognition of the need to work with traditional healers who use the zebra's meat and fat to treat diseases such as tuberculosis. Tige Students performing a traditional dance at a high school on the outskirts of Vientiane, Laos. Many Hmong families are moving into lowland villages, and are becoming more integrated into Lao life but still retain a strong sense of their own culture and heritage. This performance was in appreciation of Big Brother Mouse, a literacy project that had visited the school that day with books and. South African cultural festivals, customs and dress code are confidently being upheld. In as much as westernisation is on the verge of doing away with the cultural beliefs of most African communities, South Africa still has its customs intact. South African traditional dresses are proof of this. Image: Instragram.com, @fairbox_pro Source: UG

traditional healer: Ethnomedicine A person in a primitive society who uses long-established methods passed down from one healer to another to treat a person suffering from various illnesses, many of which have psychological underpinnings. Methods used by traditional healers include the use of roots, fetish dolls, voodoo dolls, and the smoking. The healers say using items from the past - while burning incense and wearing special clothes - pleases the ancestors and establishes a way to make divining easier

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  1. Infancy. If the kajyanak (newborn) has physical defects, he is given a hair washing rite presided over by a folk healer. If the defect is not healed, the family accepts the baby's condition and views it as a sign of good luck. The child's sleeping position is the subject of his parents' special attention because of certain meanings associated with each particular position
  2. South African Traditional Healers Institute (SATHI) strives to be a model South African Institution offering a broad and challenging educational program to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. SATHI is committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and.
  3. e the role of indigenous medicine practitioners in providing medical care to the people and to identify factors influencing continuity of.
  4. traditional healing community in KwaZulu-Natal.More broadly, the chapter looks at how the changing context of Durban, and the changing context of local governance in the late and post-apartheidperiod, has created an environment which has enabled traditional healers to organise and to wor
  5. Traditional healing practice is an important and integral part of healthcare systems in almost all countries of the world. Very few studies have addressed the holistic scenario of traditional healing practices in Bangladesh, although these serve around 80% of the ailing people. This study explored distinctive forms of traditional healing practices in rural Bangladesh
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SANGOMA, INYHANGA - TRADITIONAL HEALERS OF eSWATINI On the fourth day is the termination of the Ncwala when the king in full ceremonial dress joins his warriors in the traditional dance. The king then eats the first fruit of the season after further rituals at his special hut Tsonga culture is a perfect example of South Africa's rich history and cultural heritage. From its Xitsonga language to its colorful xibelani cultural clothes, and beautiful music and dances, Xitsonga is a people of great interest. Their traditional cuisine, dress code, and music have much inspired the current South African ways of life from. Aboriginal traditional healers are born into the ability through family lines and knowledge passed down through family to family. Becoming a Ngangkari can begin as a toddler, when family and community members identify a child to be a natural healer. [1] Their status is equal with doctors in their effectiveness for the people Men dress in a Western style, wearing shirts and trousers, women often wear traditional costumes consisting of two or three chitenjes, which are large pieces of colored fabric used as a skirt, a headdress, and a saronglike wrap that holds a small infant on the woman's back. One way to distinguish between the three regions is by the color of the.

Curandero Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest is a collection of chapters corresponding to four groups of healers: Curanderos(as) of Yesterday, Recent Times, Nowadays, and Tomorrow.Each chapter addresses curanderismo's history and revival with photo narratives and biographies of traditional healers who continue to leave an impact in their communities and practices Synonyms for Traditional healer in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Traditional healer. 3 synonyms for witch doctor: shaman, healer, sangoma. What are synonyms for Traditional healer The traditional costumes of Ghana are not just beautiful. The culture of this country and its ancient heritage influence the folk clothing much. That's why the designs, fabrics, and patterns aren't random. They are used by Ghanaians for a long period of time, and therefore, they carry the old knowledge and tradition. At the same time, the national outfit of Ghana looks so bright and. Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid is a white traditional sangoma. He received the 'calling' in 1991 and graduated as a sangoma in 1993. Since his graduation, he hasn't worn shoes. No matter where he goes and no matter the season, Chris walks barefoot, wears traditional Xhosa clothing and about twenty animal hair arm bracelets Traditional Medicine I fading knowledge of healing powers of herbs. Traditional Medicine documentary tells you about fading knowledge of healing powers of herbs in rural regions of Namibia. It dwells on rich Namibian cultural heritage and sends a very important message that traditional knowledge should be protected in modern African society

What Our Reporter Has Learned From Traditional African Healers. Donald G. McNeil Jr., right, being handed a ladle of Zulu beer by Mama Mtshali, a traditional healer in South Africa, in 2001. Nov 18, 2018 - Swazi Traditional Wedding Dresses According to Swazi culture, marriage goes through three important stages,wedding dresses then take a look at this post. You will find brides in Sotho, Xhosa, Ndebele, Zulu, Pedi, Tsonga,Swazi, Tswana and much more Swazi traditions are carefully guarded and colourful ceremonies regularly take place to mark special occasions While traditional healers are known for providing medicines for ailments as well as addressing matters in the spiritual realm, there are some who dare to extend their practice to the dark side In bone divination, bones of various sorts are ritually tossed onto a mat, an animal hide, or into a circle drawn in the dirt, and the resulting patterns interpreted.Throwing the bones is an ancient practice traditional to many regions of the world, including Africa, Asia, and North America. The number and type of bones employed, as well as the inclusion of other small objects, such as pebbles. Sangomas are advised to register as traditional health practitioners. The recent Government Gazette Notice, which advises traditional healers to register, has been welcomed by the Traditional Healer's Organisation. According to Gazette Notices 39358 published on 3 November, the public is invited to comment on the proposed regulations

0:00. /. A group of Native American women from Utah is traveling the U.S. to promote healing from COVID-19. They're dancing in jingle dresses — traditional dresses made with beads and metal cones. The jingle dress was used for healing during another health crisis, the 1918 flu pandemic. Brian Bull of KLCC reports Sangoma and iNyanga - traditional healers of Swaziland. Mr. Khoza, an inyanga or traditional healer in full dress in Lavumisa, in Swaziland's far south east at the South African border. Photo by Ludo Kuipers, Sat Dec 07, 1974. To send this Photo as a Postcard: Click or tap here: To send this photo as a Postcard, fill in the boxes: Your name

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A detail of the dress by Echo-Hawk Photo: Samuel Fu. In order to make her own ribbon skirt, Echo-Hawk used red thread to sew ribbons along the dress's exterior and created a fringe with the toe. Red Traditional Cold-Shoulder Dress. C-WH933. Elegant and bold, this Red Traditional Cold-Shoulder Dress makes a dramatic addition to any wardrobe. The dress is 42 in length in the front and 52 in the back. It will fit up to a 48 bust and a 42 waist. Made in India of 100% cotton. Wholesale Price : $29.95 Mokgadi explains she has three spirit guides, one female and two male ancestors. The female spirit is the most vocal and often speaks on behalf of her male spirits, so it seems that the spirit world is not dissimilar to life on earth. As a Nyaka (traditional healer), she collects herbs and bark in the veld. She dries, grinds and sieves them to. Another item of clothing that is included in the traditional men's clothing is known as the fila. The fila is the traditional cap that is sported along with the rest of the outfit. Much like the scarf which is worn by the African women, fila is an accessory, without which, the traditional African men's wear is considered incomplete 3. Ancestral Healing. Even though they're all over Africa, traditional healers, shamans, and witch doctors are most common in Tanzania. There are 75,000 registered traditional healers in the country. These are people who use plants and herbs for holistic, medical purposes

Traditional Blankets And Their True Meaning to Native Americans. Because some Indians reside in northern parts of the country, clothing using animal skin was necessary for warmth. In addition, Indians used a variety of thick Native American blankets to warm children. Blankets are available in a selection of styles By looking at modern suruhano and suruhana, we can get a glimpse of how individuals train to become traditional healers. Not everyone could become a suruhåna and in many cases, the gift of being a suruhåna was passed through the family line from generation to generation. The chosen one, at a very young age, was an apprentice to his mother, father or other extended family member who held the.

A tonic made from the sap and was taken at springtime as part of a rejuvenation and spring cleaning process. This would be in accord with the practices of the ancient Celts who were very much in tune with the cycles of nature. Dandelion is today used as a great detoxifier, blood cleanser and digestive aid Khoisan Healing: Understandings, Ideas and Practices To date, histories of pre-colonial and colonial Khoisan healing have been written, but few historians have drawn much from contemporary practice to inform their historical interpretations. At least in Namibia, traditional medicine plays a highly important role in Khoisan health strategies

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Health, Grooming, and Medicine in the Viking Age. Personal appearance. People kept a neat appearance during the Viking age. One of the few naturalistic renderings of the human face from the Viking age is the antler carving shown to the left. The figure depicts a man wearing a helmet, with his hair neat and trim Abigail Echo-Hawk standing beside her ribbon dress. (Samuel Fu) Indigenous Americans are almost four times more likely to contract COVID-19 — and twice as likely to die from it than white people

Founded in 1984, BestFabricStore.com is pleased to be the best online fabric store in the industry today. Based in Winfield, Alabama, we're a family and veteran-owned business that specializes in providing designer upholstery fabric, drapery fabric and outdoor fabric by the yard, at discount prices Thabiso Siswana combines working at a bank with being a South African traditional healer, or sangoma, and lets the BBC's Pumza Fihlani witness her as she goes into a trance to consult the ancestors

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Women's clothing include dresses in bright colours like orange, green, red and white with braiding and beads over a skirt. The headdress is a colourful braided turban. The Xhosa people are known for their beautiful beadwork and it forms an important part of women's traditional clothing traditional healers, it will be important to understand who traditional healers are. The definition of traditional healers varies from people to people depending on a person's background. Some people call them 'spiritual healers' some 'indigenous healers' those terms still means traditional healers. Althoug Traditional health practitioners (THPs) play a vital role in the health care of the majority of the South African population and elsewhere on the African continent. However, many studies have challenged the role of THPs in health care. Concerns raised in the literature include the rationale, safety and effectiveness of traditional health practices and methods, as well as what informs them Earrings were common among both men and women. By the mid-1800s, the majority of Cherokees had adopted European fashions. Today's Cherokees wear modern clothing reflecting the fashion of our times, but when they wish to wear traditional clothing for a special occasion, women will typically wear a tear dress and men a ribbon shirt

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  1. Plant medicines recommended by traditional healers have been developed through trial and error, experimentation and systematic observation over a long period of time, wrote Kazembe, who noted.
  2. THO - Traditional Healers Organisation. Looking for abbreviations of THO? It is Traditional Healers Organisation. Traditional Healers Organisation listed as THO. Traditional Healers Organisation - How is Traditional Healers Organisation abbreviated? Traditional Highland Classic Dress; Traditional hockey; Traditional Housing Bureau.
  3. Shweshwe clothing is traditionally worn by newly married Xhosa women, known as Makoti and married Sotho women. Xhosa women have also incorporated the fabric into their traditional ochre-coloured blanket clothing. Let's look at some of trendy Shweshwe Traditional Dress in South Africa for 2020
  4. What we wear can say a lot about us, including where we're from. Hats have been integral to traditional dress throughout history, signifying everything from social or political status to local weather patterns. Numerous hats have even become icons of their countries of origin. From fur caps designed to combat brutal winter to military headdresses turned fashion statements, here are 11.
  5. A Brief History of Curanderism o in Mexico Ticitl, ilalix h'ilol, h men ab cut ah cun and other indigenous healing specialists have long attended to the health pr oblems of Mesoamerican people. 5 However, while discussed today as traditional doctors or practitioners healers such as D oa Ana are far from being part of an unchanged or homogenous.

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  1. Traditional healers in the Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, Ndebele, Sotho, Venda & Tsonga traditions are called: Sangomas, Mathuela, Amakhosi, Inyanga, Ngako or just Gogo. Traditional healers perform a holistic and symbolic form of healing, embedded in the beliefs of their culture that ancestors in the afterlife guide and protect the living
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  4. Traditional healers were looked upon by the govemment, missionaries, and biomedicine as charlatans and unscrupulous antagonists of biomedicine who exploited an ignorant population. But African traditional healing practices are based on beliefs that existed long before the development and spread of modern medicine
  5. g a divination by reading the bones. There are more similarities than differences in all traditional African religions. Often, the supreme Deity is worshiped through consultation or communion with lesser deities and ancestral spirits. The deities and spirits are honored through libation or sacrifice.
  6. Traditional African healers and healing ceremonies have been studied for years in an attempt to better understand the peoples and cultures. Music has been shown to have a significant role in the healing ceremonies of many African peoples, from the Zar cults of Ethiopia and Sudan (Boddy 1989), to the Tonga of Zambia (Colson 1969), the Shona of.

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Background: Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) is a conceptual framework that highlights Indigenous knowledge (IK) systems. Although scientific literature has noted the relevance of TEK for environmental research since the 1980s, little attention has been given to how Native American (NA) scholars engage with it to shape tribal-based research on health, nor how non-Native scholars can. 8,041,275 traditional stock photos are available royalty-free. Changing Project Management Methodology From Traditional to Agile PM. Man turning knob to changing project management methodology from traditional to agile PM. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Selection with mortar and pestle on oak background Traditional healers are a very caring people, and extraordinarily skilled in psychotherapy and counselling. Some of them do a damn good job. Of course there are certain horrible ones who poison their patients at every turn, said Professor Ralph Kirsch of the Department of Medicine in the University of Cape Town Medical School. Traditional healers existed in South Africa before its. Kelly Khumalo calls for privacy amidst traditional healer reports 01 October 2018 - 14:11 By Kyle Zeeman Kelly Khumalo is rumoured to be undergoing training to become a sangoma 'The pathway to healing is through cultural activity and connectedness to country'. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people healing and culture are inextricably linked. In contemporary contexts traditional healing finds new interpretations by applying ancient cultural knowledge to address trauma and restore and sustain holistic wellbeing

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The traditional clothing that is worn in Honduras is mainly used in festivals and certain celebrations. The women wear long dress which are handmade with different colors. The men usually wear all white clothing, a white button shirt, white pants but also wear a red scarf and a sombrero traditional healer in durban / love spell caster call / whatsapp +27719852628. great skills from experience and powerful natural forces from the fore fathers with and private readings for consultations and healing whenever you are to enable you take control of your destiny.call, the greatest reconfigured and referred healer, the great Hawaiian healing is a tradition that is handed down for generations to family ('ohana) and varies among islands and families, many of which are still secret. This is what differentiates the traditional form from the contemporary styles and other styles of massage, the essence of a culture of healing vs. a technique Algerian Cuisine. Algeria is traditionally referred to as the granary of Rome due to a variety of traditional dishes. Food and cooking styles borrow heavily from Arabic, Amazigh, and French cuisines. A blend of Mediterranean chili peppers and spices are featured in many meals. Couscous is the main cuisine and is served with stew

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Polynesian culture, the beliefs and practices of the indigenous peoples of the ethnogeographic group of Pacific islands known as Polynesia, which encompasses a huge triangular area of the east-central Pacific Ocean. In the early 2000s, about 70 percent of the total population of Polynesia resided in Hawaii soft, and have lots of pockets to hold supplies, Whether you're a nurse, vet tech, dental hygienist, holistic healer, dog trainer, or someone who just wants a fun,Blue Harmony ~ Batik Top The Most Unique Batik Tops on the Market Designed like a traditional African shirt, these tops are comfy,Great selection at great prices,Save 20% on Your First Order,Trend frontier,Online Shopping For.