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diy macrame plant hanger Photo: Debbie Wolfe Macramé is a trendy craft often seen in plant hangers, wall hangings, and other decorative items. The technique involves tying a series of knots to. Macrame has been a popular way to decorate for decades, bringing texture and warmth into a home with knots that can be put together in unique ways to create one-of-a-kind wall hangings, plant holders, a hanging chair, and more

D. Multiple half-square knots worked in a sinnet will produce a spiral that twists to the right. Multiple right half-square knots would create a spiral twisting to the left. Single Plant Hanger (Cotton) The first plant hanger I tried making was the Single Plant Hanger on page 47 in Modern Macrame Supplies for Macrame Plant Hangers. What supplies you want to get for your Macrame plant hanger totally depends on your budget. Most patterns use a wooden ring, small dowel, and beads which you can all easily source on Etsy or Amazon and in most local craft shops The Square knot is one of the most widely used knots in Macrame. It's easy to learn and will look amazing in all your projects. The Square knot is super versatile and can be knotted in many different patterns to create projects like wall hangings, plant hangers, bags, and many more home decor items Description. Double Plant Hanger Celeste. This elegant double plant hanger is made from a eco-friendly soft natural cotton rope with a beautiful square knot pattern, and a lot of love .Easily, hang two of your favorite plants at home! The plant hanger measures 60 inches long, from the top to end of fringe and it can hold up to. How to DIY Macrame Plant Hanger. Below is the step by step instructions. If you are a visual learner, I have also included a video tutorial that goes over how to macrame a plant hanger. Step 1: Take the 6 strands of 200 cm cord and weave it through the wooden ring. Make sure the cords are evenly balanced on both ends

Alice and Lois. This macrame pattern should work well with most sizes of planters, but it works especially well with elongated planters like this one. The thick, simple rope is easy to knot, which will make this a tutorial that you can complete in under an hour. DIY Easy Macrame Plant Hanger from Alice and Lois For this simple macrame plant hanger you'll need to get the following supplies before you start knotting. 6 meters (about 6.5 yd) of 5mm braided* cord. Once you've finished the three strands of square knots, bring the hanging cords and the ends of the accent cords together into a bundle. Make sure the bottom square knots are all at the. Before beginning the actual DIY hanging planter macrame design, let's start with three quick tutorials on macrame knots. Macrame Knot Tutorials. The hanger only needs three knots, a square knot, a half square knot, and a noose knot. Macrame Square Knot. This is the most used of the macrame knots

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  1. The 5 different macrame techniques we will be going over to start a macrame plant hanger is: Gathering knot with ring. Crown knot with ring. Square knot with ring. Square knot without a ring. Overhand knot without a ring. The knots and patterns used to create the macrame plant hangers are fairly simple
  2. Your plant babies will be so pleased with your handiwork! Our Mini Macrame Plant Hanger Kit comes complete with everything you need to make your own DIY Plant Hanger, featuring our Macrame Cording which launched last month and our BRAND NEW Macrame Wooden Beads! Even better, this kit is designed to be flexible in length. You can follow our instructions to a T, or you can also move around your.
  3. Understanding basic macramé knots. In both of the featured plant hangers in this tutorial you will find just two stitches: half knot; square knot; The good thing to know is that a half knot is half of a square knot. So, once you know one, you can do the other. Easy enough, right? One way to tell the difference is that repeating half knots make.
  4. 29. Simple DIY Macrame Plant Hanger. Cut 9 lengths of jute string 100″ long to make this macrame plant hanger. Start this project by folding a 6″ cord piece and then tie a knot to it. Put your 9 lengths in 6″ loop to make this macrame plant hanger. After completed the hanger, braid the rest of the twine. Here each plant hanger features 3.

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  1. You can display two plants at a time with this dual-tier plant hanger. The macrame creation is made from cotton rope. It's around 67 inches long and can comfortably hold pots 6- to 8-inch diameter pots. This macrame plant hanger consists mostly of square and spiral knots and has a small metal ring at the top for hanging
  2. Previously I have shown you how to make a macrame planter sleeve and also a macrame hanging solar lantern, today I want to show you how to make a macrame plant hanger using only easy Half Square knots which form a spiral called Spiral Knots.For this tutorial, I was also able to reuse the original plastic planter and hook
  3. Macrame, a craft I remember doing in the 1970s with my mom, is back in a big way. If you can tie a knot, you can make all sorts of trendy macrame items, like hanging planters, curtains and wall hangings for your apartment. You can even use macrame knots to make jewelry, belts and other wearable items
  4. Macramé Plant Hanger Beautifully designed with basic macramé knots, this plant hanger is perfect for any decorating style. This corded yarn is great for trying macramé! Hanger measures 36˝ [91.5 cm] long, including bottom fringe Will hold up to 9˝ [51 cm] diameter container SPECIAL TERMS double overhand knot = tie as fo
  5. Lastly trim and comb the ends and your macrame plant hanger is complete. You are now ready to put your plant inside the macrame plant hanger. Ideally fill your pot before placing it in the hanger. Place the bottom of the hanger where your starting knot is on a flat surface and open out the hanger around it
  6. HOW-TO TUTORIAL: Top Macrame Knots for Hanging Planters: Square Knot — House Sparrow Fine Nesting We may know it best from its home-decor heyday in the 70s, but macrame is a craft that traces its roots to ancient times
  7. The specific Macrame knots you plan to use for your design, and how many cords are needed to make them. That means you have the correct amount of cords to make Square Knots. Step 6C like at the top of a plant hanger. Designer's Tip: Sometimes you can fit more knots on a ring if the material is flexible and the knots are very tight. So.

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Take the outer two pieces from one square knot, then the two pieces of cord from the neighboring knot closest to it. Form two square knots at the six inch mark. This is where your plant will be held. Repeat this so you have three square knots that are between the three square knots above it when spread apart Other videos go beyond the popular types of macrame knots — square, spiral, and gathering knots — to create Bohemian-looking macrame plant hanging TikToks with added embellishments such as. To make this simple macrame plant hanger you need to know only 2 types of knots. The first one is a loop knot, the other one is familiar since last time, the square knot. And also you'd make a half square knot, which makes this cute little wave, but it's technically just an unfinished square knot. Materials. 4 mm cotton cord; a hook for the ceilin

For a simple and sturdy knot to secure the top of your plant hanger, feed your cords through your ring and fold them in half so that twice as many cord ends hang downward. Wrap another, shorter piece of cord around the bundle of cords a few times, and knot it to fasten the bundle of cords together. Tie a series of knots Since square knots can be used at any point in the process of making your own macrame hanging planter, you're basically an expert already. Combine your square-knot skills with some spiral-knot knowledge and wrapping knot wisdom and your hanging-planter toolbox will be a treasure trove indeed Once each new set has 6 square knots tied, split the cords again into 3 sets of 4 and tie 4 square knots. Repeat this process once more and then secure all 12 cords at the end with another 20″ length of cord. Trim the ends to the length desired and your DIY macrame plant holder is ready! Ours finished hanger is about 28″ long Square knots are the most common knot used when making a sinnet of knots. I like to start my plant hangers using sinnets of square knots. Working cords - Working cords are all the cords in a macrame project.; Knotting cords - Knotting cords are the ones that are used to tie the knots in your design.; Filler cords - Filler cords are the cords that knots are tied around in your project

Square knot. One more basic macramé knot to go—the square knot! For this knot, you'll use the skills you practiced with the lark's head knot and both the right- and left-facing half square knots. (If you need to practice these, go back to those sections in the post for step-by-step instructions.) Start by tying two lark's head knots This simple macrame plant hanger uses just two basic knots: wrapping knots and square knots. Follow the step-by-step instructions and video to make your own Macramé artist Rebecca Millar will guide you through all the steps to creating a beautiful DIY macrame plant hanger. This class is for those who want to make a macrame plant hanger with a difference, you will learn how to make a reverse larks head knot and a square knot. This class is great for both beginners and those with a little more.

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2.5 Get involved and have fun. 3. Macrame Patterns. Section 1: Macrame knots. Macrame consists of a series of knots. In this section I will teach you all of the most commonly used knots in macrame. Square knot. Square Knots are strong and one of the most common knots used in macramé. The square knot is done in 2 parts Let's make a macrame plant hanger. Cut 6- 15′ lengths of cotton macrame rop e. Feed them through the gold ring until the ends meet evenly. Cut a 10″ piece of string and tie around the 6 strings using a gathering knot. This will keep your plant hanger in place on the ring. Separate the strings into 3 groups of 4 Macrame plant hangers are the perfect small space solution because they can be hung on the wall or from the ceiling, freeing up shelf space for other things. Supply List. The square knot is one of the most basic knots of macrame. It creates a lovely box-shaped knot

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger Making your own lampshade is a lot easier than you might expect! And when you DIY, you have the power to control the design details, like the pattern, color and size, so that you can make a lampshade that perfectly matches your home's decor. All it takes is a little bit of creativity This Glass Bowl Air Plant Hanger design is so appealing to me because I love the DNA spiral (otherwise known in macrame language as the half square knot). This design features a really thick spiral suspended from a wrapped ring, with a honeycomb hexagon shape opening - a real eye catcher This Listing is for the Macramé Pattern to make the extraordinary MACRAME PLANT HANGER This is a Beginner Project but it shouldn't be your very first project. This pattern is easy to follow with many explicit pictures and very detailed instructions Even if you are a beginner macrame maker or only know how to tie a Square Knot, with this.

A variety of plant hangers using both square knots and spiral knots. Closeup shot of the design I will be demoing in this class! RESOURCES: Knot guide with closeups of the knot styles used attached for reference! Best places to find rope: Cotton Rope - Knot and Rope Supply; Macrame Cord - Joanns Fabric; Where to find me: Desertloom.co Types of knots used. This pattern consists of lark's head knots, square knots, double half hitch (DHH) knots and Rya knots. Video tutorials are listed throughout the pattern in case you need some help with them. Square knots: each of these knots utilize 4 cords. In the pattern each square knot is written as a group Apr 9, 2021 - Explore Sara Tlb's board Macrame square knot on Pinterest. See more ideas about macrame, macrame diy, macrame patterns

Coupled with a macrame plant hanger and a macrame wall hanging, they'll turn your home into a handmade dream. These macrame curtains would also make a great gift for a crafty pal or even as a project for a crafting session. Just grab your favourite macrame cord, a couple of pals and spend the afternoon knotting Adjusting For the Pot of the Macrame Plant Hanger. Before I finished off my macrame plant hanger I gathered the rope and tied it with a hairtie in order to mess around with the diameter of the basket. The knots are easy enough to bring more and take out length from in order to adjust for the size of the pot chosen

Tie 8 spiral knots in total. Followed by 3 square knots and finish by tying 8 spiral knots. Making the basket and finish your plant hanger. To finish the plant hanger tie a square knot about 15 cm (6,5) below your last spiral knot. Now take 2 ropes of 1 'arm' and 2 ropes of the next 'arm' and tie a square knot about 10 cm (4) Save to your album. How to make a macrame plant hanger - step-by-step tutorials | DIY Decoration | 11/50. View in gallery. Let the string hang free for 10cm and the knot two square knot with two strings from two adjacant groups and repeat with the other groups. Make sure there are no cross overs between the strings

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These hanging planters are perfect for indoor/outdoor use. The measurements for the macrame wall hangings are as follows: 9x 19 Styles may vary Macrame wall hangers color is an off white ivory natural rope color. These Macrame wall hangings are perfect for your office decor, bedroom decor, boho hanging planters, patio decor, home plant. White Macrame Plant Hanger 'Basket 2' in bright white bleached poly cotton twisted cord, please note this hanger was intentionally designed to put just only (almost) a half of plant pot's height sit on it so it perfect for 6 (15 cm) diameter x 5 ¾(12 cm) height plant pot, anyway this can be used as usual for smaller pot Accmor Macrame Plant Hanger Set of 2, 39 Inch Handmade Cotton Plant Hanger for Gift Round & Square Pots(Pot Not Included) 4.7 out of 5 stars 310 $12.99 $ 12 . 9

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This class will teach you the basics of macrame and how to create a plant hanger! Here is an example of what the finished product from today's class looks like! You will learn: What materials to use; How to set up your workspace; Square Knots; Spiral Knots; How to build a net; Closing Knots; This class is a great intro to macrame square knot on the left side, and 1 and 2 from the square knot on the right side. Tie another square knot using 4 and 1 for the knot-bearing cords, and 2 and 3 for the knotting cords. This square knot should join the cords below your two square knots in the top row. Tip: When tying macrame knots, tie every knot closely against the previous knot.

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  1. Pull the end through the loop and then pull at the top until the loop disappears and the knot is tied. Add a drop of glue to the top of the knot and trim the ends. Step 13: Trim the tassel below the wrapped knot to about eight inches. Step 14: Place your planter and plant in the middle and enjoy your bespoke decorative hanging macrame planter
  2. Make a square knot about 3 inches above the first row of knots. Make a knot with the remaining strand from knot #2 and a strand from knot #3. Repeat two more times. Step 4. Make one more row of knots with alternate strands to continue the pattern. Step 5. Measure about 8-inches above each knot and make ten sets of right knots
  3. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Kit - Square Knot Pattern (Beginner) 27.00. Let the experts at Beaucycled guide you through the macrame process. This kit comes with all the supplies and instructions necessary for you to create your very own macrame plant hanger to elevate your plant game. We offer two kits with two different patterns
  4. Take one grouping of cords and move down about three inches, then make a square knot. Slide a wooden bead on the two middle cords and make another square knot to secure it. Skip another three inches down the cord and repeat the sequence we started with - six square knots and six spiraling half square knots. Repeat on the other group
  5. How to create a macramé plant hanger: Gather all 8 pieces of cord, fold in half and loop through the ring. Using your 5 foot long piece of string, tie a loop knot right below the ring. Take four strands and tie a square knot. Repeat 6 times

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Square knot Square Knots are strong and one of the most common knots used in macramé. The square knot is done in 2 parts. Start out by bending the left working cord, cross it over the filler cords and then under the right working cord. Pass the right working cord behind the filler cords and pull it through the loop created by the left working cord. Gently pull on both cords. The knot is now. DIY Macrame Plant Hangers. To begin with, we should have some rope, cotton cord, and knotting skill with rope to do square knot and loop knot for creating fantastic DIY macrame plant hangers. Stages are listed below: Accumulate all 8 pieces of rope, overlay in half, and circle through the ring Let's make a simple wall hanging with beads. Step 1. Cut your string and tie it to the dowel rod using lark's head knots. Cut 20 pieces of 3mm pink cotton macrame string 6′ long. Once you cut the first one, simply use it as a guide to cut the rest. This will give you 40 strings. Step 2. Make the design using square knots Today we'll be making a basic macrame plant hanger, and I'll give you a couple easy options to customize the style. You can stick with spiral knots like the one above, or use square knots like the planter below. I even added wood beads to this one and I love how it turned out

Complete project details, free macrame pattern and step-by-step instructions here boatpeopleboutique. Plant Hanger With Pink Rope: Here is another precious plant hanger did with fun crafting techniques of knots. Check this little macrame-ing to a pink cord and let it hold your pots beautifully Fold the strands in half to create a total of 16 strands. Keep room for a loop for hanging and then make a wrap knot. To make square knots, you'll work with four strands at a time. Each hanger has 4 'arms' to hold the pot. So you'll do each knot in the same area on each of the 4 arms Learn how to create the most iconic of all macramé projects: the Plant Hanger. Emily Katz shows you how to create a hanger out of cotton rope tied into simple square knots and half square knots. This project is totally customizable and can work with planters of any size. Emily will show you how to calculate the proportions of your planter..

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Divide your first square knot into 2 groups of 2 and on either side add in two more cords. Tie 2 more square not on either side. STEP FIVE. If you end up making a macrame plant hanger tag me in the photos because I want to see! Thanks for stopping by today fam Basic Macrame Knots: Simple Square Knot Tutorial + Adding Beads If you lived through the 1970s, you might remember this! One of the most basic macrame knots is the square knot, and it's actually very versatile. This tutorial shows how to tie square knot in a long, continuous strand, which would be ideal for making a macrame plant hanger Macrame Plant Hangers with Pots 5.5 Inch Ceramic Planter Included Indoor Outdoor Hanging Planters Basket Holder (1 Plant Hangers and 1 Flower Pots) 33-Inch, Diamond 4.5 out of 5 stars 35 $16.9

a hook, doorknob, nail in the wall, etc. Just something to hang the plant hanger on while you knot; Knowledge of the various knots (try this as an exercise first, otherwise you will be frustrated later): larks head, vertical larks head, square knot and spiral stich (the last two are the most important) Step 1 - Measuring & Cuttin Bonnie Macrame Craft Cord 4mmX50yd, Pearl Beige - this is a great cord for making indoor/outdoor plant hanger. Choose poly cord for outdoor plant hanger, it is more weather resistant than cotton. 1. At first, take 4 cords. Make a Square Knot braid consisting of about 10-15 Square knots in the middle section of the cords (2 base cords - 2. Braided Macrame Plant Hanger: I've had this pretty good looking spider plant sitting on a table for ages and have been wanting to hang it up but never had the time to go shopping for a hanger. Then I remembered I had some twine lying around and decided I'd try to make one. It t plant hanger / segment one. The first 6 Lark's Head Knots (the first 12 individual cords) will be used to form the plant hanger in the first segment. Row 1 - start with 1st cord: 3K (starting with 1st individual cord from the left, tie 3 Square Knots Finishing Techniques are specific decorative knots and procedures that are used to produce a neat appearance in the final steps of Macrame projects. The term TIE OFF is frequently used to describe this process. I refer to these techniques in the free patterns in this site, and you ll find them in most Macrame books as well

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Watch my YouTube video below for the step by step macrame plant hanger tutorial, and find my guide to basic macrame knots used in this project below: This is a half square knot. Note: You can create a spiral pattern by continuing to make half square knots down the length of your cords Step 2: Tie Square Knot Diamond Pattern. The diamond pattern on this macrame plant hanger is done with square knots (so easy, right?) Follow along with the pictures below (or watch the video, slow it down to .5 speed if it's too fast). First row of square knots, skip the first two and last two cords on each side

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2st step of spiral knot. ABOVE: square knot BELLOW: spiral knot. Separate 16 cords into 4 groups of 4 and start knotting. Use hanger, door knob or a nail to hang your cords while you knot. Start with spiral knot 14 cm long and repeat with other three groups. For the next 9 cm leave the cords to hang free DIY Twine Macrame Plant Hanger Instructions. The most basic and classic one made with twine, this one is ideal for small lightweight plants. It can even support moderately heavy pots, but it is better to avoid the risk of the twine breaking due to too much weight. Free Macramé Plant Hanger Patterns The gathering knot should sit 100mm from the square knots above. 9. Trim the gathering knot loose ends and obscure the cut ends within the knot itself using the pen. This knot will takes the weight of the pot and hanger so ensure it is tight and secure. 10. Cut the base of the plant hanger at approximately 300-500mm. Loving the macramé. Macrame is a form of textile production using the process of knotting. Common knots that are used are the square knot and the half knot. The word 'macrame' comes from the Arabian word 'macramia' which gives the meaning of a 'striped towel' or an 'embroidered veil' The macramé knots used in this project are Square Knots, Double Half Hitch Knots, and Lark's Head Knots. Step-by-step instructions for unique modern macrame wall hanging: Below you can find my video tutorial on how to make this modern macrame wall hanging. I recommend watching it to get a better understanding for some of the steps and knots

I really only used two types of macrame knots to make it, and I really like it's simple look. Step Two. Cut Cords. You will start your DIY macrame plant hanger by cutting 8 long pieces of the cotton macrame cord. For my hanger I cut my pieces to be 10 feet long each. This turned out to be just about the right length You may have to adjust the placement of your knot depending on the size of your pot and how it sits. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are excited to make your own macrame plant hanger. Make any adjuments to the pattern to fit your pot and desired look. And have fun with this tutorial and experimenting with different macrame knots. Happy.

The flat square knot makes the diamond motif and the thick rib that goes diagonally down the belt is worked using a half hitch knot. The pattern is suitable for beginners, although practice working the two knots on shorter lengths of cord before you begin. or how about this macrame plant hanger? We love seeing what you make, so don't. That is how I decided to make a Macrame plant hanger using mainly these to products. The metal ring along with the jute threads knotted in a square knot will become the main part which carries the load directly from the pots. Then this whole setup is strung upon a 4 stranded long square knotted ribbon at 4 quarter points Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads. To make this plant hanger you will need around 30-32 yards of 2-3 mm cord (approximately #18 - #24 size), 20 beads (I used wooden 10mm beads) and a plastic, wooden or metal ring (1 - 2 inches in diameter). Choose poly cord for outdoor plant hanger, it is more weather resistant than cotton

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Full square knots are made by doing the same process as we did for our half square not, but then reversing it, and doing it back the same way (again, if you're confused, watch the video). Once this is done, pull it tight and you've got your first knot. To continue this row you need to do two more full square knots using different pieces of rope Macrame Pot Hangers Patterns, 1970s Vintage , Free Sampler,PDF Instant Digital Download, 2 Plant Pot Hangers. TheNakedSheepSA. From shop TheNakedSheepSA. 4 out of 5 stars. (50) 50 reviews. $1.79. Favorite This plant hanger is based on the honey bee plant hanger from Macrame: the craft of creative knitting for your home by Fanny Zedenius. I did 3 square knots, left a 17cm gap, did 8 half square knots to make a 5cm spiral, left a 4cm gap, made a square knot net, left a 5cm gap, and then finished off with a 2cm gathering knot.. Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern In this pattern I will teach you the knots used in this wall hanging. See the video for the full time lapse Section 1 - Materials Section 2 - Starting your wall hanging Section 3 - The 4 patterns 3.1 Part 1: Honeycomb pattern 3.2 Part 2: Half-hitch crosses 3.3 Part 3: Half square knots 3.4 Part 4: Square knots & half-hitches Section 4 - Weaving the loose ends. May 19, 2016 - We may know it best from its home-decor heyday in the 70s, but macrame is a craft that traces its roots to ancient times. This means that over the centuries (yes, centuries), countless hands have learned to work a few basic knots to make beautiful and utilitarian objects for their favorite spaces.

DIY Macrame Plant HangersCAMBIE Intermediate Macramé PATTERN Plant Hanger//pdf DIY1001+ ideas on how to make a macrame plant hangerMacrame Plant Hanger - Saturate Life for your DIY LifestyleDIY Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop Fun - The Sweet Escape

DIY Fringed Macrame Plant Hanger Believe it or not, this is the first and only macrame plant hanger I've ever made. After their recent comeback, I backed away from the trend: partially due to the fact that there were so many other people better equipped to master the bohemian plant hanger ⚡️Macrame knots⚡️ By swapping the outer and inner cords you can create this 'chain' effect using square knots. I've been learning the art of macrame for a few years now, having got 'the urge' to master it. I've still got lots more knots to try out though How to tie a square macrame knot. Square knots are simple, versatile and strong. When creating a square macrame knot it's important to do it in two parts, tying the first half of the knot working to the left, and the second half of the knot working to the right. How to tie a square knot - Part How to Macrame: Alternating Square Knots. How to Macrame: Alternating Square Knots. 1. Divide the strands into two groups of four. In each group tie a Square Knot with the two outer strands over the two center strands. 2. Bring the two left strands of the right group and the two right strands of the left group to the center, dropping the two. 2 Pack Plant Hanger Flower Pot Plant Holder Large 4 Legs Macrame Jute 41 Inch US. Brand New. $13.16. Was: Previous Price. $13.85 5% off. Buy It Now