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DVD-R and CD-R are two devices used to store data. While DVD-R stands for Digital Versatile Discs-Recordable, CD-R stands for Compact Disc-Recordable. The basic difference between the two lies in the amount of data they can store. While a CD is able to store only 700 MB data, a DVD-R can hold up to 4.7 GB of data CD-R can store a maximum of 700 megabytes data on it. DVD-R is the modern and most widely used currently. CDR-R is the pioneer and the first optical disc with such large permanent storage capacity. CD-R can be played on DVD drives and DVD players

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Main Differences Between DVD R and CD R While DVD R stands for Digital Versatile Disc (Recordable only), CD R stands for Compact Disc (Recordable only). DVD R can store up to Four Gigabytes of data in it, and CD R can store up to 700 Megabytes generally CD-R and DVD-R are optical disc storage formats. Choosing the best one to use is a case-by-case decision. DVD-R discs have much more storage space, but CD-R discs work with more devices. CD-Rs are an older medium, but they still get the job done, although USB flash drives have replaced the role of CD-R and DVD-R discs in many cases 1.A DVD-R has a larger capacity than a CD-R. 2.DVD-R can have multiple layers while a CD-R only has one. 3.Two versions of DVD-R exist while only one exists for CD-R. 4.A DVD-R is much faster than a CD-R DVD-Rs can hold up to 4.7 gigabytes while a CD-R can only hold up to 700 megabytes. However, when the DVD-R is formatted, it can only hold 4 gigabytes. CD-Rs can hold 74 minutes or up to 99 minutes of music. Also, when it comes to definition, DVDs are more advanced in quality

DVD-R and CD-R are two devices used to store data. While the DVD-R is Digital Versatile Discs-Recordable, CD-R is Compact Disc-Recordable. The fundamental difference between the two lies in the amount of data they can store. While a CD is able to retain 700 Megabytes, a DVD-R can hold up to 4.7 gigabytes of data CD-R or CD-RW can be used for data or for Audio-CD- you can be sure that Audio-CD recorded on CD-R or CD-RW can be played by any cd player even very old one. DVD-R has a capacity 4.7GB (DVD-R double layer up to 8.4 GB). DVD-R can be recorded just once. DVD-RW can be recorded and erased repeatedly The main difference between the DVD+R and DVD-R formats is the technique used to determine the location of data on the disc. DVD-R discs use land prepits, which are little marks on the grooves of the disc, to determine the laser position

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  1. Nowadays, DVD+R and DVD-R have no much difference in price yet DVD-R discs are usually relatively cheaper than the DVD+R ones. Although both DVD-R format and DVD+R format support dual layer now, there are fewer dual layer DVD-R discs are available on the market compared to DVD+R discs. Meanwhile, DVD-R is a write-once format
  2. The larger storage capacity of a DVD-R compared to a CD-R is achieved by focusing the laser to a smaller point, creating smaller 'pits' as well as a finer track pitch of the groove spiral which guides the laser beam. These two changes allow more pits to be written in the same physical disc area, giving higher data density
  3. DVD-R, DVD+R and BD-R allow users to write on the disc once and read (play) it many times. While A CD-R (compact disc-recordable) is a multisession optical disc on which users can write, but not erase, their own items such as text, graphics, and audio

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DVD-R vs CD-R. DVD-R a CD-R jsou dvě zařízení sloužící k ukládání dat. Zatímco DVD-R znamená Digital Versatile Discs-Recordable, CD-R znamená Compact Disc-Recordable. Základní rozdíl mezi nimi spočívá v množství dat, které mohou ukládat. Zatímco disk CD je schopen uložit pouze 700 MB dat, disk DVD-R pojme až 4,7 GB dat. DVD-R vs. CDR. the quality of dvdr's probably vary more than cdr's. about 10% of my memorex dvd+r spindle was defective. but the dozen or so memorex dvd+r 3-packs i bought were fine. i heard a lot of complaints about defective/incompatible dvdr's. as with cdr's you should go with a good brand name

DVD-R vs CD-R. A DVD-R és a CD-R két eszköz, amelyet adatok tárolására használnak. Míg a DVD-R a Digital Versatile Disc-Recordable, addig a CD-R a Compact Disc-Recordable. A kettő közötti alapvető különbség a tárolható adatok mennyiségében rejlik. Míg a CD csak 700 MB adatot képes tárolni, a DVD-R legfeljebb 4,7 GB adatot. The advantage with CD-R is that any version of CD players either it is older or newer it can easily read CD-R. 2. CD-RW (Compact Disk - ReWritable): CD-RW is a type of CD which can be erased and it can be used multiple times. It is made of a reflective metal disk with a layer of special metal on top. It is the most cheaper CD among all types

DVD+R is a recordable DVD format similar to CD-R. A DVD+R can only record data once, then the data becomes permanent on the disc. The disc cannot be recorded onto a second time. DVD+RW Media. DVD+RW is an erasable disc that can be reused similar to a CD-RW. The data on a DVD+RW disc can be erased and recorded over numerous times DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM. To get started, you should first know the actual order that these different DVD formats were created. In 1996 DVD-RAM was developed, followed by DVD-R in 1997, followed by DVD-RW, then DVD+RW, followed by DVD+R in 2002. So that hopefully clears a little confusion as to the timings DVD-R VS DVD+R - Functional Differences The main functional difference between DVD-R and DVD+R is the way they determine the location of the laser beam on the disc. DVD-R use tiny marks along the grooves in the discs, called land prepits, to determine the laser position

We're really looking at the plusses and minuses of this whole ordeal...Links to referenced videos are down here, too! So I don't wanna hear any complaints ab.. The Difference Between Music and Data CD-R's I think what people really want to know is if I buy a data CDR can I still put audio on it and vice versa. Well, hopefully this article will shed some light on the confusion and give you some insight into which type of blank media best suits your needs CDR vs CDRW. CDR (CD-R) and CDRW (CD-RW) are two classes of recordable compact discs, the difference between CD-R and CD-RW is the way they can store data. Compact discs are storage devices that are capable of storing data, music and movies that can be replayed or accessed in different ways CD vs CDR. Summary: Difference Between CD and CDR is that a CD or also known as COMPACT DISC is small and portable round medium disc made of Molded Polymer used for storing data or information electronically. While CD-R (compact disc-recordable) is a multisession optical disc on which users can write, but not erase, their own items such as text, graphics, and audio

DVD-R vs. CD-R. DVD-R står for Digital Versatile Disc Recordable; CD-R står for Compact Disc Recordable; DVD-R kan gemme medier op til 4,7 gigabyte på det; CD-R kan gemme maksimalt 700 megabyte data på den. DVD-R er den moderne og mest anvendte i øjeblikket. CDR-R er pioner og den første optiske disk med så stor permanent lagerkapacitet Please watch: Water And Engine ?? Agha Waqar Reality Explained |mini scientists| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJsags-hYII --~--Hello friends,maine us vi.. Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc - 100 Disc Spindle (FFP) - 97459, Branded, 100pk Spindle FFP. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 5,663. $24.99. $24 DVD R vs CD R . Разница между DVD R and CD R lies in the storage capacity that both of these offer.These two are different from each other in terms of which one supersedes which one and also in terms of the image quality that they can showcase Background: Recordable optical discs can be convenient media for access and temporary storage. Recordable disc formats include CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. Unfortunately, these media are machine-dependent, and continued access to the digital content is contingent on the availability of compatible hardware and software

CD-R vs DVD-R Reply #1 - 2004-02-11 16:50:52 Well you can burn cds with a dvd-writer and dvd-writers are very cheap right now so it's not very hard to choose DVD+R DVD-R discs look the same on the surface and they are both 120mm in diameter and 1.2mm in thickness (0.6mm x 2). In fact, DVD-R and DVD+R are different and competing for recording on DVDs. Let's get a simple understanding of the difference by the DVD+R VS DVD-R comparison DVD-R vs. CD-R. DVD-R ja CD-R ovat kaksi laitetta, joita käytetään tietojen tallentamiseen. Vaikka DVD-R on lyhenne sanoista Digital Versatile Disc-Recordable, CD-R tarkoittaa pienikokoista levyä. Perusero näiden kahden välillä on niiden tallentamien tietojen määrässä. Vaikka CD-levy pystyy tallentamaan vain 700 Mt tietoa, DVD-R. Thanks in Advance (Y) I'm quite sure CD+R or CD+RW does not exist. The main difference between DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW is that 'plus' discs support a burning method called packet writing. While.

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CD-R: קיצור, ראשי תיבות: DVD-R מייצג תקליטור רב-שימושי דיגיטלי להקלטה או שניתן לכתוב אותו כ- Digital Versatile Disc-לצריבה בלבד. CD-R מהווה תקליטור הקלטה הניתן להקלטה או כתוב גם כקליטור תקליטור קומפקטי בלבד DVD-R vs. CD-R. DVD-R reprezintă un disc versatil digital care poate fi înregistrat. CD-R înseamnă Compact Disc Recordable. DVD-R poate stoca media pe până la 4,7 gigabyte pe el. CD-R poate stoca maximum 700 de megabyte de date pe el. DVD-R este cel mai modern și cel mai utilizat în prezent In fact stay away from DVD+R. * Try burning it at middle speed, neither the slowest nor the fastest. +R is quite different than -R and -ROM, and when it comes to console it is best to avoid it (they are also more stressful on laser than -R). #12 Mar 4, 2013 Because CD and DVD media - in 2003 more than 7,150 million CD-R discs and more than 400 million DVDR discs were made and sold -- is used to archive nearly everything today it does make you worry. Especially when these discs are the only place you have precious, irreplaceable family memories - photos and movies - as well as vital family.

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DVD tähitab digitaalet mitmekülget plaati. DVD-R on loetav digitaalne videoketa, mida kirjutatake ük kord ja uueti ja uueti. elliele plaadile alvetatud kandjad on kord kirjutatud. Need on kaaakantavad DVD-d, mida aab uueti ja uueti mängida, kuid mida ei aa uueti kirjutada. CD tähitab kompaktet plaati. CD-R tähitab CD-plaate, mi kirjutatake algue, ii aab neid ainult lugeda DVD-R เทียบกับ CD-R. DVD-R และ CD-R เป็นอุปกรณ์สองชิ้นที่ใช้ในการจัดเก็บข้อมูล ในขณะที่ DVD-R ย่อมาจาก Digital Versatile Discs-Recordable CD-R ย่อมาจาก Compact Disc-Recordable ความแตกต่างพื้นฐาน.

Η βασική διαφορά μεταξύ των δύο έγκειται στην ποσότητα δεδομένων που μπορούν να αποθηκεύσουν. Ενώ ένα CD μπορεί να αποθηκεύσει μόνο 700 MB δεδομένα, ένα DVD-R μπορεί να χωρέσει έως και 4,7 GB. In some DVD-R media products, oxygen can penetrate through the bonding glue exposing the DVD's metallic reflective layer to the dangers of corrosion. The 24-karat Gold Layer prevents this integral element from deterioration far better than silver alone DVD-R(A) discs are not writable in DVD-R(G) recorders, and vice-versa, but both kinds of discs are readable in most DVD players and drives. The main differences, in addition to recording wavelength, are that DVD-R(G) uses decrementing pre-pit addresses, a pre-stamped (version 1.0) or pre-recorded (version 1.1) control area, CPRM, and allows. 4.2 CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R Discs. Most tests of optical disc life expectancy are performed with recordable discs (CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R). The tests are generally performed by manufacturers, and the discs are usually categorized by the metal and dye types used in the disc DVD-R vs CD-R DVD-R và CD-R là hai thiết bị dùng để lưu trữ dữ liệu. Trong khi DVD-R là viết tắt của Digital Verspose Discs-Recordable, CD-R là viết tắt của Compact Disc-R

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  1. denféle CD-t lejátszhatnak. DVD-R vs CD-R. A DVD-R a digitális, sokoldalú írható lemezt jelenti; A CD-R a kompakt lemezt írj
  2. The DVD-R was founded by Pioneer. It was released in 1997. It is used to record data. DVD-R can be written only once. data is written with the help of laser on it. 2. DVD-RW : The full form of DVD-RW is Digital Versatile Disc Re-Writable. It is a circular disc having 120 mm diameter and 1.3 mm thickness
  3. DVD pomeni za vetranki digitalni dik. DVD-R je berljiv digitalni video dik, ki enkrat zapiše in e predvaja znova in znova. Mediji, hranjeni na takem diku, o enkrat napiani. To o prenoni DVD-ji, ki jih je mogoče predvajati znova in znova, vendar jih ni mogoče več piati. CD pomeni za kompaktni dik. CD-R e nanaša na kompaktne dike, ki o prva napiani, nato jih je mogoče amo brati
  4. DVD-R vs. CD-R. DVD-R significa Digital Versatile Disc Recordable. El CD-R significa Disc Compact Recordable. DVD-R pot emmagatzemar suports de fins a 4,7 gigaoctets. El CD-R pot emmagatzemar fins a un màxim de 700 megabytes de dades. DVD-R és el modern i més utilitzat actualment
  5. DVD-R vs. CD-R. DVD-R je zkratka pro Digital Versatile Disc Recordable; CD-R znamená kompaktní disk, který lze nahrávat; DVD-R může na něm ukládat média až 4,7 gigabajtů; CD-R může na něm uložit maximálně 700 megabajtů. DVD-R je moderní a v současné době nejrozšířenější
  6. Jay-Jay wrote: ESR supports DVD5 disc sized games, but it can't support dual layer DVD9 disc sized games. That is not correct. I personally burned DVD9 games to DVD+R DL disks and they work with no problem. First patch the ISO with Toxic Dual Layer Patcher and then with ESR Disc Patcher GUI
  7. DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. These formats are supported by Panasonic, Toshiba, Apple Computer, Hitachi, NEC, Pioneer, Samsung and Sharp. These formats are also supported by the DVD Forum. DVD-R is a recordable DVD format similar to CD-R and DVD+R. A DVD-R can record data only once and then the data becomes permanent on the disc

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Ang DVD ay nakatayo para a Digital Veratile Dic. Ang DVD-R ay mababaa ng digital video dic na iang bee na naguulat at pinatugtog nang paulit-ulit. Ang media na naka-imbak a naturang dic ay iang bee na nakaulat. Ito ang mga portable DVD na maaaring i-play nang paulit-ulit ngunit hindi na maiuulat muli. Ang CD ay nakatayo para a Compact Dic. Ang CD-R ay tumutukoy a mga compact dic na nakaulat a. DVD-R vs CD-R. DVD-R dan CD-R adalah dua peranti yang digunakan untuk menyimpan data. Walaupun DVD-R bermaksud Digital Versatile Disc-Recordable, CD-R bermaksud Compact Disc-Recordable. Perbezaan asas antara keduanya terletak pada jumlah data yang dapat mereka simpan. Walaupun CD hanya dapat menyimpan data 700 MB, DVD-R dapat menyimpan hingga 4. So many choices, which ones should you buy? Our Recommended Brands:HP 4.7GB 16x DVD-R, (25 pack)https://amzn.to/2WbNWhyVerbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x (100 pack)htt.. DVD-R is a write-once format, just like CD-R, and you can't erase the data once it's written. DVD-RW is rewritable, so you can use it somewhat like a 4.7GB floppy disc, for all intents and purposes. In general, I suggest that you use DVD-R for archival purposes — stuff that isn't going to change, and DVD-RW for more fluid data. DVD-RW. The Difference Between CD-R and CDROM . For years people have never understood the difference between a CD-R and a CDROM. The same goes for DVD-R or DVD-ROM. The short explanation is: In CD-R, the -R means recordable. This means you take an actual disc and put it into a recordable disc drive and you copy data to this disc in a Write Once.

See DVD, DVD storage capacities, DVD+R, CD-R and optical disc. A DVD Writer. Modern DVD drives support all the DVD formats as the specs for this Slim External DVD Writer from LG indicate All my backups are on write-once CD-R discs, which I reckon is the best bet for data you want to last 10 or more years. Their main limitation is that a CD will only store about 700MB of data CD-R media can also be written to in a CD-RW drive. Verbatim has been the first to release the latest speed recording for CD-R media using 52x write. CD-RW = CD-ReWritable. A re-writable disc is one where data once written to the disc can be erased and the disc written to over and over. CD-RW media can only be written to in a CD-RW drive

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  1. Taiwan, Japan, Luxemburg. DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R. TDK stopped making media in 2006 (16x era) ~ 2nd Class Blank DVD Media / Duplication Grade non-Archival Discs ~. Mixed quality media, average 75-90% of discs tend to be good. These discs are not suggested for archival data or video masters
  2. Keep track of large amounts of data and quickly access stored files with this 50-pack of Staples 4.7GB 16x DVD-R discs. DVD-R provides ample storage space for your data. Features 16x write speed for quick data transfer and comes in silver color. View all product Details & Specifications. $17.99
  3. Product Title Blank CD DVD-R 16x 4.7GB 120 Minute DVD 100 Pack Sto Average rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars, based on 7 reviews 7 ratings Current Price $30.89 $ 30 . 8
  4. Smart Buy 100 Pack DVD-r 4.7gb 16x Shiny Silver Blank Data Video Movie Recordable Media Disc, 100 Disc 100pk. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 227. Electronics. $17.79. $17. . 79. Save more with Subscribe & Save
  5. The new generation DVD players can also read CD-R disks. It uses the MPEG-2 format to compress the video data. A DVD is a digital optical storage provider, which has a higher capacity to store the digital and multimedia data to store in it. They are used in DVD-Video consumer digital video format and in DVD-Audio consumer digital audio format
  6. DVD-R is a write-once media similar to CD-R, while DVD-RW is a rewriteable media similar to CD-RW. DVD-R media costs less than DVD-RW, has an archival life of up to 100 years, and cannot be erased.
  7. TDK CD-R XG Audio Verbatim DataLife Plus AZO [/bold] I have burned the TDK at 4x and the Verbatim at 1x. But, what impresses me is the difference you can hear in sound. The midrange is more present in the Audio CD and the sound is in general warmer. Are you aware of any CD-R data media whose sound is reproduced better than Verbatim? (I mean.
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DVD R vs CD R . La diferencia entre DVD R and CD R lies in the storage capacity that both of these offer.These two are different from each other in terms of which one supersedes which one and also in terms of the image quality that they can showcase really in a way , cd-r's are easier to damage as the burn layer is the top of the disk while dvd-r's the burn layer is sandwiched Quote 12th Jan 2003 19:20 # dvd-r проти cd-r dvd-r та cd-r - два пристрої, що використовуються для зберігання даних. У той час як. DVD-R discs are the older brethren of the two formats, developed in 1997 by the DVD Forum as a high-capacity format (what CD-R did for music, DVD-R did for video). They appear physically identical.

DVD-R ir CD-R. DVD-R ir CD-R yra du prietaisai, naudojami duomenims saugoti. Nors DVD-R reiškia skaitmeninius universalius diskus-įrašomus, CD-R reiškia kompaktinius diskus. Pagrindinis skirtumas tarp šių dviejų yra duomenų, kuriuos jie gali saugoti, kiekyje. Nors kompaktiniame diske galima laikyti tik 700 MB duomenų, DVD-R telpa iki 4. The Inspiron 620 desktop I purchased recently came with one 16X optical drive. I'm not sure of the manufacturer. However, I want to begin a DVD burning project, but before I buy blank DVDs I'd like to know which DVD format, -R or +R, is recommended for whatever drive Dell puts in the Inspiron To reinstall the driver, follow these steps: Press the Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog box. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, then press Enter. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or select Allow. In Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the CD and DVD. You should also know the slower the burn speed, the longer it will take you to burn the disk. The higher the burn speed, the shorter it will take you to burn the disk, but it also increases chances of playback incompatibility on older devices and increases chances of errors in the final data burned on the disk The layers of pits and land on a CD can be only one whereas in DVD it can be two. A CD contains the spacing of 1.6 micrometres between spiral tracks and 0.834 micrometres between the pits on the disc. On the other hand, the spiral loops in DVD are 0.74 micrometres apart and the distance between the pits is 0.4 micrometres

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DVD-R's hold 4,700 MB of data, a little more than 7 times that of CD-R's. Higher Order Cost: CD-R's hold fewer photos than DVD-R's. More disks will be needed if your placing a large order I was reading comments above and quality CD-R's are likely reliable for many years to come, like already mentioned, but since DVD's hold about 6.7 times the amount of data, I suspect many did not use CD-R's for long especially outside of basic music CD's since once the costs of DVD's started floating around CD-R's it just made more. DVD predtavlja digitalni vetrani dik. DVD-R je čitljiv digitalni video dik koji e jednom zapiuje i reproducira iznova i iznova. Mediji pohranjeni na takvom diku jednom u zapiani. Ovo u prijenoni DVD-i koji e mogu reproducirati iznova i iznova, ali ne mogu e ponovo piati. CD označava Compact Dic. CD-R e odnoi na kompakt dikove koji u prvo napiani i mogu e čitati amo The primary difference between DVD+R and DVD-R is the type of recorder used to write the discs. DVD-R is an older format that dates back to 1997, while DVD+R is a newer recording technology created in 2002. The two types of discs hold the same amount of information, but DVD+R discs are less susceptible to write errors

See DVD, DVD storage capacities, DVD+R, CD-R and optical disc. A DVD Writer. Modern DVD drives support all the DVD formats as the specs for this Slim External DVD Writer from LG indicate CD-R tarkoittaa Compact Disc Recordable. DVD-R voi tallentaa siihen enintään 4,7 gigatavua mediaa. CD-R voi tallentaa siihen enintään 700 megatavua dataa. DVD-R on nykyaikainen ja eniten käytetty. CDR-R on edelläkävijä ja ensimmäinen optinen levy, jolla on niin suuri pysyvä tallennuskapasiteetti

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DVD-R & DVD+R. CMC Pro - Powered by TY blank DVDs hold 4.7GB of data and also offer the same quality and reliability found in CMC Pro CD-Rs. Taiyo Yuden set the industry standard for low fallout during recording, high print quality, and low failure in customer drives and players, and CMC Pro continues this tradition of excellence A regular CD-R is a write-once disc. That means that anything you burn onto the disc cannot be erased. Ever. By contrast, A CD-RW disc is re-writable or write-many-times. It is fully eraseable, and can be erased and re-used or re-written up to 1,000 times. One warning: it is not a random access disc All about CD-R and CD-RW. CD-R and CD-RW technologies use a combination of metal and dye to fool CD-ROMs into thinking they're reading commercially prepared CDs. In this Daily Drill Down, Faithe. The following table shows the playable DVD and CD disc types. IMPORTANT: Simply copying a movie file on to a disc using a computer is not sufficient for playback The CD-R specification was designed around cyanine dye (shades of blue) and, therefore, most of the early discs used it. Azo dye (deeper blue) was introduced in 1996. However, neither of these dyes matches the stability of light-green phthalocyanine, which is very stable to light, high temperature and high relative humidity (RH)

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View Profile View Posts. Jul 27, 2016 @ 5:37am. If the backup was made using Steam's backup and restore feature, it's not specific to any optical disc type. #1. ReBoot. View Profile View Posts. Jul 27, 2016 @ 6:09am. Of the backup is split up into CD sized chunks, its for CD. If into DVD sized chunks, its for DVD CD-R VS CD-RW. What is the difference between CD-R and CD-RW? Then, this part provides some information on CD-R vs CD-RW. Keep on your reading. The main difference between the CD-R and the CD-RW is that the CD-R can only be recorded to once, while a CD-RW can be recorded multiple times, like a hard drive. However, there are some other differences DVD-R and DVD+R are types of DVD recordable formats. DVD-R is pronounced as DVD dash R, and DVD+R is pronounced as DVD plus R. For all uses and purposes, they are essentially the same, with just a few minor differences. The main difference between the two is the manner in which the data is stored on or written to the disc Q:I use the CD-R drive in my computer to make music CDs and also for storing photos. My question involves the different recordable discs that are available. Frequently the label on the disc. Media Supply carries archival and gold media from MAM-A, Verbatim and JVC/Taiyo Yuden. Archive gold CDs and DVDs deliver a much longer life than standard media, which have a silver reflective layer. Using gold as the reflective layer stops the metal from oxidizing over time. By using the gold reflective layer a CD can have a shelf life of over 300 years and a DVD can last over 100