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  1. Finding the Most-Popular MediaWiki Extensions. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 8 months ago. Active 5 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 6k times 5 1. Please forgive me if this is a novice question - I'm a neophyte when it comes to MediaWiki. I'm looking for Video extensions to add to a MediaWiki project..
  2. MediaWiki is a great PHP-based Wiki application that is used to power many sites, including Wikipedia itself. One of MediaWiki strengths is how easy it is to extend with its plug-in architecture. The following is a list of 20 extensions that should make your life easier and save you a fair bit of time. Chec
  3. The TopTenPages extension allows to display the most popular pages of the wiki on a page. It makes use of Special:Popularpages provided by the HitCounters extension
  4. Other interesting data: the extension is installed on 94 standalone wikis out of a total of 3116 wikis using 1.25+, i.e. 3 %. This percentage, projected to all the standalone wikis, would make this extension the 41st most popular. Considering the extension is very new and rather hard to install and that some wikis are probably stuck on 1.24.
  5. For most extensions, there is no guarantee of the quality of the software, or its security, or how well it will work with recent versions of MediaWiki. Getting help with an extension The documentation page for an extension should hopefully give you all the information you need in order to install/use the extension

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Replace all the extension files in the extension/ExtensionName directory with the new files. Do not remove the extension configuration present in LocalSettings.php; If the extension requires changes to the MediaWiki database, you will need to run the Update.php maintenance script. Most extensions will mention if this script needs to be run or not This category holds all 1,629 extensions currently registered at MediaWiki.org, ordered alphabetically. For more useful category break-downs, please check the main extension category 4 Answers4. I find the extensions BreadCrumbs, FCKeditor and InputBox quite useful. Simple security, if you need to control user permissions per page. Like pQd wrote, it depends on the wiki's purpose. However, you can take a look at the extensions being used on Wikipedia and Wikia by going to these pages Amazing mobile interface. Unlike other mobile apps, Quip has really innovated the text editor on mobile, making for a good Evernote alternative. It has a great interface for formatting text that stays out of your road so to maximize how much room you have to type. See More Chameleon is a highly customizable, well documented and responsive MediaWiki skin based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. By default, Chameleon offers a horizontal navigation menu with dropdowns at the top of a page and a horizontal menu with dropups for language links at the bottom of the page. Chameleon offers five different layouts to choose from

Various extensions of MediaWiki are particularly useful in combination with Semantic MediaWiki: . Admin Links []. Admin Links provides a special page that contains links for tasks that administrators are likely to perform. Anyone can view the page, but administrators get a link to it added to their user links, usually at the top of each page; so that the Admin Links page can serve as. The Best Alternative we found for MediaWiki: Though there were so many alternatives, we came across wiki software like DokuWiki, TWiki, Documize, etc. Most them were open-source alternatives. Finally, we found WordPress to be the best alternative for creating a wiki site Among the most popular extensions is a parser function extension, ParserFunctions, that allows different content to be rendered based on the result of conditional statements

Other contains all other uncategorized extensions. These include SkinChooser which allows the Wiki skins to be changed, SpecialPromote, which enables the Special:Promote page, and VideoHandlers which allows handling of video types. For the most part, these come pre-installed on the wiki Maps is the MediaWiki extension that provides the ability to visualize geographic data with dynamic, JavaScript based, mapping API's such as Google Maps and OpenLayers in your wiki pages. Better user experience with graphical linking. mw:Parser functions, mw:Tag. 1.15 or higher

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Working with MediaWiki is the most up-to-date guide to MediaWiki, the world's most popular wiki software.MediaWiki is best known for running Wikipedia, but it's also used by organizations and communities of every type and size, from fans of television shows to major companies storing vital corporate data The online encyclopedia project Wikipedia is the most popular wiki-based website, and is one of the most widely viewed sites in the world, having been ranked in the top ten since 2007. MediaWiki was originally developed by Magnus Manske and improved by Lee Daniel Crocker. It was developed for use on Wikipedia in 2002, and given the name. Sadly, most of it will never be entered into any wiki. But it can still be displayed and used within wikis, via the External Data extension. External Data provides an easy way to query data stored in various computerized formats. It can then be displayed on wiki pages or, via Cargo or Semantic MediaWiki, stored for usage alongside the wiki's. Wiki Extensions have their own set of MediaWiki pages. This page lists them all

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Got rid of avatars, votes, comments, most popular, opinions count, about the author, and a few other social features Got rid of all special pages except: Articles Home and Create Blog Post Blog posts can now only have a single author MediaWiki Extensions. MediaWiki can be easily extended to include additional features as per the specific needs of the wiki project. There are many MediaWiki extensions already available for free use, one can download the extension, follow read me document (typically every extension will have one) and start using it A look at WikiApiary tells that this is the second most popular Mediawiki extension which is not deployed by WMF and the 21st most popular extension in general. sbassett added a subscriber: sbassett. Dec 16 2020, 4:08 PM 2020-12-16 16:08:50 (UTC+0) Comment Actions The ParserFunctions extension is a popular MediaWiki extension that adds a number of useful parser functions on top of the MediaWiki ones listed above. This extension is enabled by default across all of Fandom, so you don't need to ask for it. Parser functions can perform mathematical operations, evaluate if/else statements, and even manipulate time itself Features. Highly Scalable: MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, one of the world's most popular websites. MediaWiki has been designed to support websites with terabytes of data and millions of hits per day. Highly Customizable: More than 900 configuration settings and more than 2,200 extensions are available, making it easy to customize MediaWiki to.

Finding the Most-Popular MediaWiki Extensions. 2. State information lost : SImpleSAMLphp. 0 State information lost in SimpleSamlphp. 2. SimpleSAMLphp IDP, SP, MediaWiki. 2. simpleSamlPHP Admin Login redirect loop. Hot Network Questions Does navagraha tarpana in sandhyavandan reduce the astrological effects MediaWiki Skins. Out of the box, MediaWiki comes with the look and feel you're so used to from Wikipedia; this MediaWiki skin is called MonoBook, and it's popular and immediately recognizable 100%. The Sun Wiki Publisher enables you to create Wiki articles on MediaWiki servers without having to know the syntax of the MediaWiki markup language. Publish your new and existing documents transparently with the Writer to a wiki page. All important text attributes such as headings, hyperlinks, lists and simple tables are supported

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As MediaWiki has developed alongside Wikipedia, it has had to keep up with the scalability and performance demands of one of the world's most popular websites. The performance and scalability, as well as the functionality and customisability make MediaWiki the dominant software in its category Step 6 of the procedure hooks the extensions into MediaWiki. These extensions, defined in clustering_demo.php, take two different forms: tag extensions and parser functions.The chief difference.

With lots of available extensions and features, it is popular among enterprises. Important Features of MediaWiki. MediaWiki uses free links instead of CamelCase while creating a linkup with another webpage. It has an extensible API to make direct contact with MediaWiki Database. This API supports web-based Javascript clients For the latest stable version of MediaWiki, PHP version 5.5.9 or later is required. PHP Extensions. In order to work properly some PHP extensions are required. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE), Session, Standard PHP Library, JSON, mbstring, intl extension, php_mysql. Database Server. MediaWiki uses a database to store all text and data MediaWiki is one of the most popular wiki platforms on the web. It is entirely open source and lets you create a free wiki. Originally used on Wikipedia, the site now also provides the backend for many other common wiki sites, including Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikidata.. The platform's biggest selling point is its impressive customization options By default, user registration in MediaWiki is fairly simple: for users who are not logged in, at the top of each page are two links, reading Create account and Log in. If you click on Log in, you'll see a screen that looks like Figure 8.1. And if you click on Create account, either from this screen or (if it's there) from the top of any. Highly Scalable: MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, one of the world's most popular websites. MediaWiki has been designed to support websites with terabytes of data and millions of hits per day. Highly Customizable: More than 700 configuration settings and more than 1,600 extensions are available, making it easy to customize MediaWiki to suit your needs

The watchlists I want most in my crosswiki watchlist are English Wikipedia (my home wiki) plus the central ones such as MediaWiki.org, Meta, etc.. *https://www.mediawiki.org *https://meta.wikimedia.org. There is a great need for more participatory international communication to solve common wiki problems, and to energize further wiki creativity MediaWiki is an open-source wiki software written in PHP. It allows you to create your own self-hosted wiki website on the server. It is one of the most popular wiki platforms due to its simplicity and customizability MediaWiki ease of use and the many features have made it one of the most popular Wikis. It is also the leading software in its category and is used today on many websites including Wikipedia , Wikimedia , Wiktionary , Meta-Wiki , Wikispecies , Wikibooks , Wikidata , Wikimania , Wikinews , Wikiquote , Wikisource , Wikiversity , Wikivoyage. MediaWiki Alternatives. MediaWiki is described as 'free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki' and is a well-known app in the Education & Reference category

On my company wikis I use a list on the start page 30 most popular pages as a quick jump link list for unexperienced users. Every shit blog, CMS etc has a list of the most popular pages. This cannot be done with trackers. Will the repo be available as regular extension on mediawiki.org? Nemo_bis added a comment. Jan 23 2015, 12:41 PM 2015. Currently, the quite popular Arrays extension isn't actively maintained and poses some weird behavior, as well as questionable implementation in some cases. Considering this, we should collect all issues in one place and decide what should be done about that afterwards, maybe leading to an Arrays 3.0 release

Apart from setting $wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false; in your LocalSettings.php, you can choose to enforce HTTP Basic Authentication in your MediaWiki.

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Helpwiki » Web Publishing » Mediawiki » Dynamic Page List - Mediawiki This extension is replacing Dynamic Article List Example: Most Popular Academic Statement Page MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP And MediaWiki's own security is provably strong, given that it successfully runs Wikipedia, one of the world's most popular websites. Cost. Finally, there's what some people consider to be SharePoint's biggest drawback: its cost. The cost of SharePoint is quite variable, and it depends on a number of factors, but it's undoubtedly expensive Yaron is an excellent developer of some of the most important MediaWiki/Semantic MediaWiki extensions. He is a great value to the open source community as well as a very reliable solution provider.

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L'éditeur de wikicode 2017 est un mode de l'extension Éditeur Visuel permettant aux utilisateurs d'utiliser les outils et la barre d'outils de l'éditeur visuel lors de la modification du texte wiki du code source (appelé wikicode). On y accède depuis l'éditeur visuel en cliquant sur le bouton de la barre d'outils pour passer au wikicode 2018/01/17 [MediaWiki-commits] [Gerrit] mediawiki/vendor [refs/meta/config]: Allow vendor to subscribe to mediawiki/core Chad (Code Review) 2018/01/17 [MediaWiki-commits] [Gerrit] operations/mediawiki-config [master]: Add a test verifying that rtl.dblist is up to date jenkins-bot (Code Review TinyMCE is a MediaWiki extension that lets users edit wiki pages using the popular open-source. Read More 1. Two-factor authentication relaunched Two-factor authentication relaunched Two-factor authentication relaunched. By. Article to Category2 - Add an article directly from the category page ; CategoryTree - AJAX expandable category tree; Cite - used by Reflist Templates; Dynamic Page List - used to display popular and newly updated content; Embed Video; FancyThumbBox - displays thumb nailed images in a Mac-style lightbox that floats overtop of web page. This can create a more user friendly environment, where.

We have listed the most popular wiki software options for you. You can extend MediaWiki functionality by using extensions. All in all, MediaWiki web-based Wiki Software can be a smart choice for you. It is one of the best free wiki software out there. 2. DokuWiki. DokuWiki comes as an Open Source Wiki Software MediaWiki is a popular «Wiki»-system, written in PHP and originally created as the Wikipedia's engine. MediaWiki is very extensible — there is more than 1700 useful extensions, and it's very easy to write a new one. Mediawiki4Intranet is a MediaWiki distribution containing many extensions and patches useful for intranet (and not only for intranet) MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the most popular wiki software and best open source wiki software available on the internet. It is a good option for company intranets especially if you are running large projects and going to handle a high number of contents

The extension generates the diff, and sticks it inside the email body. It will also append the string '(diff)' to the subject line, but that is configurable (see below). The extension has changed a lot over the years, moving forward along with MediaWiki, whose support of extensions gets better all the time Current version, 1.16, will soon have support dropped from many popular extensions, and is already unsupported by most Semantic MediaWiki extensions. In order to make the least amount of work, MW should be upgraded before installing SMW About MediaWiki: MediaWiki is the open-source wiki application best known for powering Wikipedia. It is also the most popular wiki application in the world, in use on tens of thousands of sites in many different languages, on wikis for everyone from small groups to communities to government agencies and major corporations GitHub is where the world builds software. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world

MediaWiki is designed to be highly scalable, comes with more than 900 configuration settings, and over 2000 extensions that change existing features (as well as add new ones). If you need a Wiki that can handle even complex projects that see high levels of traffic, you cannot go wrong with MediaWiki Most semantic MediaWiki sites make use of a whole range of extensions that are built on top of the basic Semantic MediaWiki infrastructure. For exemple, a popular extension is Semantic Forms . Read official documentation & download information

Stephan is a veteran MediaWiki developer. He created several MediaWiki extensions and is the author of the popular Chameleon skin. Stephan has been involved with the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki communities for over a decade To install plugins downloaded from other locations ( .dll extension), download the file and paste it into C:\Program Files(x86)\Notepad++\plugins. Restart the app to complete the installation. Most categorization is done through MediaWiki's Category tool, which allows users to easily put an article in a collection of similar pages. Pages can be in any number of categories. Additionally, MediaWiki comes with tools called Special Pages that collect pages that have a particular quality, for example Special:LongPage -Rob Church, a developer of MediaWiki MediaWiki is the world's most popular wiki platform, the software that runs Wikipedia and thousands of other websites. Though it appears simple to use at first glance, MediaWiki has extraordinarily powerful and deep capabilities for managing and organizing knowledge Highly Scalable: MediaWiki powers Wikipedia, one of the world's most popular websites. MediaWiki has been designed to support websites with terabytes of data and millions of hits per day Highly Customizable: More than 700 configuration settings and more than 1,600 extensions are available, making it easy to customize MediaWiki to suit your need

Enterprise class MediaWiki distribution including Semantic, Visual Editor, Elasticsearch and many more powerful extensions. Deployment and maintenance of MediaWiki may be a continuous challenge. After all, operating system, web server, database, runtime environment, MediaWiki and the numerous extensions needs to be set up and configured The exact set of tabs/dropdown actions/etc. one sees depends on the type of page it is, the permissions one has, and the extensions installed. Figure 3.1 shows the standard view of tabs and dropdown actions that an administrator would see, for a regular page in MediaWiki, with the Vector skin (along with the search interface alongside it) In general I would advocate hewing to Wikipedia's general look and feel as much as possible in terms of standard MediaWiki extensions. Most of the more controversial ones can be disabled in one's user preferences, and maintaining some degree of consistency makes it easier for Wikipedia editors to get up and running on RationalWiki

NeuroClick is a program that emulates mouse clicks with eye blinks using the NeuroSky MindWave headset. The source code (C) can be found below; most parts come from the example provided with the API. Ca. 90% accurate, due to the NeuroSky MindWave API which misses around 10% of eye blinks. It was tested on Windows 7 x64 with multiscreen and. the pgn4web wiki. pgn4web is a software package providing a chess games viewer for websites and blogs, including live games broadcast support; pgn4web also provides a variety of online web services, including a chess viewer and a board generator tool for adding chess games to websites and blogs without any coding; pgn4web integrates with several popular web platforms and services Because it's so easy to navigate and interlink content, it has become a popular choice. As a powerful collaborative tool for multi-user content adding and editing, MediaWiki is a robust solution that can handle many more tasks by adding extensions Enterprise MediaWiki vs. SharePoint Enterprise MediaWiki is a general term with a few different meanings. For this essay, we'll use it to refer to the combination of MediaWiki and a variety of useful extensions that are only used in enterprise installations and not on Wikipedia - including Cargo, Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms.. In the enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint is the biggest.

MediaWiki is only one of many software packages for building wikis. However, it is one of the more popular ones. The eXtension initiative uses two wikis built with MediaWiki: the eXtension About Wiki and the Communities of Practice Wiki Top 10 software extensions Wikimedia Commons needs in 2008, Brianna Laugher, December 2007. The coming challenges for Wikimedia Commons, Brianna Laugher, July 2008. Bilder suchen und finden, auch auf Deutsch, Daniel Kinzler, February 2009. Ten features that would dramatically improve Wikimedia Commons, Guillaume Paumier, June 2009 Categories Open Source, Top 5, Top X Tags 2018, Best Free, Extensions, Google Chrome, Security Post navigation Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2018 Deploying MediaWiki with MariaDB on Fedora 2 What marketing strategies does Workingwithmediawiki use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Workingwithmediawiki

Semantic MediaWiki is also a full-fledged framework, in conjunction with many spinoff extensions, that can turn a wiki into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system. All data created within SMW can easily be published via the Semantic Web, allowing other systems to use this data seamlessly Top Wikis Detected by Scanning Websites. Data is based on the websites scanned & analyzed by Hexometer engine. Some websites block crawler access so some data will not be absolutely accurate. List of Most Popular Wikis is updated depending on the volume of new data MediaWiki Extpack contains a collection of useful extensions for MediaWiki software. This is a portable BitTorrent client with basic features along with support for extensions. The most recent release (18-jan-2013) is 0.4 for Windows, Debian 6.0.6, Ubuntu 12.04 and OSX 10.6.8. It is meant to be an add-on for popular media players like. It takes some time for most beginners to get familiar with it and learn the basics, some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will make things a lot easier . MediaWiki. While speaking about MediaWiki, its market share is just 0,2%. It is a free server-based software

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Follow this guide to learn how to build a site using Drupal - one of the most popular content management systems. Read more. Joomla! Learn how to use Joomla! content management system to build, configure, and easily manage your website. Read more. Cloudflare CDN. Explore Cloudflare CDN service, which will improve your site's security. There are 13 projects that Wikimedia officially supports including Wikipedia, a fifth most popular site on the internet and a well known free knowledge project in the world. Wikipedia is used by more than 400 million people every month in over 300 languages. Some of Wikipedia's sister projects are Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, MediaWiki.

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intracomof has 10 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub MOST POPULAR. Unlimited Pages Free Extensions Free MediaWiki Updates Priority Technical Support Free* Domain Bundled VisualEditor 2 Wikis Can Choose MediaWiki Version. MediaWiki is open source wiki software on which this site runs, and which can be translated here. Support for translating hundreds of MediaWiki extensions is also available. Translators may add MediaWiki to their babel box or include {{User MediaWiki}} to add themselves to Category:MediaWiki translators This is conceptually the simplest of the three kinds of moves. If you're just trying to move a wiki to a different location, then the best approach is to zip up all the MediaWiki files, PHP and otherwise (going with the top directory will get them all), do a dump of the wiki's database, and then un-archive them both in the new location

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My extensions would not be as fine tuned if my efforts were spent developing across several browsers which can be tedious and I'm doing this as a hobby not as work :) Since the years I've been developing for Chrome it has gone from last place to the most popular browse The Mediawiki extension takes text between <graph> and </graph> and feeds it to an external program. This uses a Perl module named Graph-Easy to render the graph description either as ASCII art, as pretty HTML, as Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) or a graphviz code, which can be fed to dot to render PNG files.. The graph text syntax is modelled after an easy mnemonic ([ Bonn ] --> [ Berlin. Cologne, Germany - March 12, 2014 - Adblock Plus, the #1 most popular browser extension for blocking annoying online advertisements, today announced that it has doubled the number of tracking. A good book! It's a nice overview of wiki editing and administration, with pointers to handy extensions and further online documentation.-Brion Vibber, Chief Technical Officer, Wikimedia Foundation This book is filled with practical knowledge based on experience. It's not just spouting some party line.-Rob Church, a developer of MediaWiki MediaWiki is the world's most popular wiki platform. MediaWiki 1.33 upgrade. Gamepedia will be upgraded to MediaWiki version 1.33 on Tuesday December 10th 2019 starting at 1pm CST (UTC -6). We will have rolling read-only time as we upgrade each wiki, which will take an hour per wiki at most. Starting on Monday December 2nd 2019 we will begin the actor table migration in the background

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Extensions let you customize how MediaWiki looks and works.Wiki users can browse through existing extensions or request a new extension. System administrators can install (or remove) extensions on the MediaWiki